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I have a post-operative appointment tomorrow morning at eight a.m. to see how well I've healed since the surgery on Tuesday. If I'm lucky, he'll take this bandage off my head, and if I'm even luckier, I can wear my glasses again. Going with blurred sight for this long has reinforced my love for the little visual details, I think.

I can tell that my throat is a lot better than it was, and that its probably mostly forgotten the tube they stuck down it when I was unconscious. My voice is stronger, I can sing along to my Winamp lists (which still are midi-less, but I forgot to do what you suggested. ^^;;), and I'm not coughing and hacking up nasty stuff anymore.

But my ear, I don't know. I can't see it, not really sure what it's supposed to look or feel like under the bandage. If mindset accelerates or deaccelerates the healing process, then I just may be doomed to this bandage for another week, or something. I had a hell of a week last week, it was phenomenally sucky. Many of the details are rather private, so I'll spare you that. I will say that blowing my nose was a bad idea. ouch

I'm losing patience with RO. -_- It's up, it's down, it's up, it's down, it's down, it's down, etc. Plus, once when I finally managed to get to the Loki character select screen, all my characters were gone. x_x;;; This is a terrible blow. I hope they come back soon. Estelle was 21/18, for cripes sake, and kowaiyo and Poppy were both 12/something. I'm going to die if I lose Estelle. T_T;

Plus, I really want this lance-type weapon called the Partizan. I want one so badly, I sold my Slayer (a pretty good two-handed sword ... ^^;) and went out to the desert to punch things to death. But since everything is down and up, down and up, I can't frickin' get back to Prontera to buy it! In addition, in order to afford the Partizan, I need a merchant character with me - both of my friends are stuck in down areas or, like me, can't log on at all. >.<;


Anybody want to teach me Greymatter? I figure that'll keep me occupied. That, and I'm supposed to be working on a website for my stepfather, and I have been. He needs to tell me what he wants things to say ... and Silvermask, is your friend back from wherever the hell he went? I want to finish .:!Brainfuzz!:.'s new structure and move ASAP.

I need to update Hammerspace too.

Hiccups hurt. x_x;

[Edit - Oh, I forgot to mention. Some Novice in RO called me a bitch today. I had said "Don't help" when he "aided" me in killing a Pupa. Does profanity make you a big man? Think it's beyond my capabilities? Well, I can curse quite fine too. Fuck you, asshole.]

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