One Who Wanders (abiona) wrote,
One Who Wanders

At the moment, I've decided that I'm just not going to think about things the way I have been - in fact, I don't think I'll think of them at all. (Maybe I'll spend my time coming up with a synomym for "think." How about "cogitate," lol) At least, until after the Rose Parade ... then it's officially the New Year (Times Square? What glowing globe of light? It's not over until the parade comes and goes, just ask my mother.), and I can turn more introspective again. Now's not really a good time for it, people kind of expect you to be chipper with the coming of a new year which really isn't all that new, except for a change in a digit. ^_^;

What else was I going to say ... oh yes, I think I've finally come to a solid conclusion on what I want to cosplay at A-Cen, and I hope it really does come to pass. ^_^; I'm really into costumes and wearing them, despite my inability to make them on my own, hehe ...

I'm going to cosplay as Anju from Majora's Mask (she's my favorite character other than Link, lol), and then Shiori's Rose Bride outfit from Utena. I really love the Rose Bride dress, dagnabit ... and I'm no Anthy, either in appearance or behavior. Shiori's dress is purple, which next to red is one of my favorite colors, so I'm going to go for it. ^_^ For some reason, I really want to have trouble fitting through doors. I want a really poofy skirt. I want to wear those weird cuff-things!! ::cough::

eheh ... gosh, I feel strange. Woozy, headache, light-headed.

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