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03 June 2002 @ 07:53 pm
Intended did I to sleep in the basement for one more night, yet Jedi am I not, for the chill there present drove me upstairs under sheet, thermal blanket, fluffy comforter, and throw.

Early was the morning in which I found myself awoken, and today, The Bandage which had long imprisoned my hair in a mess quite unkempt, was cut off. Snick, snick, snick, little white pieces of cotton fell to my knees. The Bandage was peeled away from my ear, and from the corner of my eye I saw a stain colored brown - blood I had not known, but should have guessed, that I had shed. Removed the stitches were soon after, and with medicine and a cotton ball in my ear as far as it would go, I was let to continue my own designs.

Lemme tell you folks this - putting on glasses with such a strong prescription as mine for the first time after a week totally blind, well ... it's an interesting experience. Whoa, damn. I love looking from a distance on a sunny day at trees with many leaves.

My ear is swollen. My ear is also numb. My ear also suffers from a persistent sense of pins and needles, apparently this sensation is normal to some patients and not to others ("Well, they did take your ear off," says my mother candidly.)

I finally got my hair washed today (my mother dragged me off to a beauty parlor for the sink's sake). It's remarkable how merely washing your hair can make you feel much, much cleaner.

I finally got to the Yoyo Forest, got over ambitious (as well as a bit desperate, where's something that's not being attacked by at least two people?), attacked an Elder Willow, and perished swiftly. This teaches me that next time, I must focus more on my goal - a cat headband! I have 15 potions, okay HP recovery, and a lot of enthusiasm. o_o;
Current Mood: tiredtired
Kain aka That Evil Guynanikore on June 3rd, 2002 11:07 pm (UTC)
I attacked a stupid raccon-thinger and died

woe was me