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Well, Katherine came over for awhile the other night ... not last night but the one before, and left this morning at seven-something ... the visit was total fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants type of planning, but it worked out, since she doesn't mind messes and I was lonely. We watched anime and played Ragnarok a lot ... so now Jonquil is a merchant, though she cannot yet have a cart. I want a cart. -- I should join the Merchant Guild ... I sell feathers. ^^ Whee!

I don't feel very happy today ... I feel kind of ashy, shadowy, drained ... blah. Very blah.

I mustn't attack the bagels.

I wish we had more Fruit Rollups, but they're all gone. Yeah, Katherine and I ate two boxes in two days. >.>; It's not my fault! : P Fruit Rollups need to be bigger so they take longer to eat.

Making a poll is too damn complex. @_o So, comment if you dare. ^^

If I got a domain name, which one should I pick?
c.) other (please write in suggestion)

I'm kind of wishy-washy on what to do with Hammerspace's links section. (I need to update Hammerspace, badly. --;) They're all link exchanges or should be link exchanges that I've initiated ... but what should I do with those that simply haven't responded (of which there are too many)? I can't decide if I should take them down or not ... with one, Kameko in Wonderland ... she emailed me back after about two months to say that I needed a banner linking to her site before she would link back (though her link exchange rules stated the opposite, something like you must have approval before you link) ... she hasn't linked back yet, I don't think, but oh well.

I should change Hammerspace's layout. Or something. I don't know. --; Silvermask, what's going on with that guy that was going to help us with .:!Brainfuzz!:. ...?

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