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Carmen (a.k.a. SweetPeach from AGV) gave me this link, and ... eh, well, I don't know, hehe. I had mentioned rabbits in passing during our conversation, so I guess this kind of connects. ^^ Seems more like a jab than a poke to me. o_o And a tip - don't poke the bunny too fast. o.o;

I've been remarkably unproductive lately. o_o I've been called into work on the evening event June 14th ... actually, they called me as a volunteer. -_-; Excuse me ... I know I've been gone because of school recently, but I've worked there since I was 16. You'd think I'd be on the employee roster by now? There's no way in heck I'm working that event unless I'm getting paid. >.<

Money, money. The Michigan Park Department or whoever they are hasn't called back on my job application, so that's probably down the tube for this year. I'm thinking about calling to express interest/brownnose, but I don't know. I've always found it very difficult to call people that I don't know over the phone. x_x It's kind of sad that they haven't called back, because I would have loved that job, and was quite qualified for it. -_- It would pay me better than the museum, too. o_o

I need to start working on the weekends (at least) soon, but I've been dragging my feet. I don't enjoy spending my days at the museum ... in addition, they've passworded the screensavers on the comps, and I have little patience to sit there and figure out what they are. So that's one of the few things that I could occupy myself with down the tube. o_o They don't like it when I read or draw at the desk ... but I say it looks a lot better than me sitting there, staring off into space.

Apparently they've lost their other "weekend adult," which means that Brandon did quit after all. He didn't think he would still be there when I got back from school, and lo and behold, he was right. I wonder who else is still working/is new. I've lasted longer than any other weekend Visitor Services employee ... at least two have quit in the time that I've worked. For how few people they hire, that's a lot, lol.

aol's being a doofus on me. Again. Still. As is Ragnarok. -_-; I did level up kowaiyo considerably last night, though. She's 17/12 now, I believe. The ability to warp is a handy one - although I can only teleport myself to a random spot in the area, it's quite useful for getting away from fanboys, looters, and other assorted idiots. ^_^ Some guy gave her a cat headband. ^^ v

I'm not satisfied with myself, especially considering recent events in my life, and things that I have/have not done. -_-

"I feel so stupid right now, like I can't do anything right, and then I feel like I've let you down, and I'm letting down all the friends who I promised I wouldn't ever do this again, and I feel like I'm so stupid because even though I was wrong, I couldn't stick to it, and I can't do things right, I'm not as smart as people keep on saying I am, I feel so ugly and nasty right now 'cause I can't wash my hair, and I always assume the worst even when I say I won't and I keep on saying that I'm going to be a better person but I always fail in every single way."


The more I sit in this house, the less I feel like doing anything, which is bad because I'm supposed to be doing several things. >.>;

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