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11 September 2001 @ 10:16 pm
What to say that hasn't been said already ...? There is probably nothing I could say ...

I was sitting in my Interpersonal Communications class this morning, and about 9:00 a.m. Central Time the chairperson of the Communications Department walked in the classroom and asked us if we had heard. Having been in class for a while, we of course had not, and he proceeded to explain to us that two planes had rammed into the World Trade Center, and that yet more stuff was going on and he wasn't sure what went where.

Our class was dismissed early. I didn't believe him.

I went to the library to check out CNN.com, only to find that the computers took forever to get to the site (and actually didn't make it). I looked at the computer maker, thought, "Damn, Gateway makes some really cruddy computers ..." I did not think of the fact that there were possibly thousands of people all attempting to access the very same site ... I then got up and went to my next class, only to hear that it was actually all very true.

Again we were let out early, mostly to watch the television and absorb information. I became worried about the family friends who live in Washington, about my friend who went to school in NY, and even about all the folks in LA that I know and have become friends with over the internet. Over and over again the TV played the same images, and the same images of smoke and fire and blowing paper were everywhere across campus - there was a television in every public area, and every television was tuned into CNN.

And it was silent. 'twas like the ash had stolen the voices of not just the victims, but everyone across the country.

... and then the anger came. And it is still an anger that while I can understand, I still can't. How can we place blame when we do not know who committed the acts ...? Why do we seem so gladly willing to heap all blame on others, when it is partly our fault as well?

... and then the forwards arrived. And that is what got me angry. The forwards that do nothing other than state the obvious, the "chain instant messages" that did not pass on the mood to me, for it was a mood I had already possessed. Forwards, wastes of effort that could be directed elsewhere ... perhaps some folks might find them comforting, but there are over 10,000 people who will never receive a mass email ever again.

I don't believe in Fate. I don't believe in the ability to predict the future. I do believe in man's ability to choose, and this is something we must utilize now more than ever before. Let us not sink into conspiracy theories, or talk of war. Let us unite, regardless of faith or cultural boundaries ...

This event must teach us about our ability to choose. If it does not, we run the risk of repeating such terrible occurences. This chaos, this catastrophe ... this was someone's choice. The proverbial double-edged sword ... that which makes us free can also destroy us ...

We need answers, but we must arrive at them without endless speculation. We do not need to cast blame, no matter how much better it might make "us" as a nation feel. No, we must learn, we must ...

... the tape played and all throughout the campus, silence reigned ...
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