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12 June 2002 @ 05:29 pm


After spending the whole afternoon on this, it's time to spam everybody and say that I'm done. ^_^ Does this meet with your "I can tolerate frames" requirements ...? Everything should go to the right frame 'cept for doodles and links elsewhere, which should open in a new window.

I realize the image in the left frame takes a long while to load, but I'm not in the mood to fix it right now, so be patient and it'll show up (you can't get away from the left frame anyway 'less you leave ... XD).

It's way darker than my other layout. But I do this a lot, we go from pastel, to dark/strong colors, to pastel, to dark/strong again ... ^^;;
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished
Earthearthphoenix on June 13th, 2002 08:25 am (UTC)
VERY COOLNESS ... I like the leftside ... it doens't move ... I like the right side, it moves ... I like the images ... they are great ... and and and ... heh heh ... I like your work, and the effort you've put into showing it off :)