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Whoo, I just caught a bit of Toonami for the first time in a long time. o_o

So the host of Toonami, Bob/Tom/Whateverhisnameis can fly in space now with the little rocket pack on his back? o_O Bah ... I think I liked him better when he was the little pot-bellied nuclear thingiemabobber ... he's way too "cool" now. -_- I swear the number of things on his hands increase with each subsequent redesign.

lol. The "next dimension." It's been awhile since I've seen that episode of DBZ ... ah, in the next few eps ... *_* It's nearing the time when I first got into anime. Vegeta-sama, sankyuu!

Tired, tired. I think I have a couple of more doodles that I might try to CG tomorrow. Tralala.

[Edit - Cripes, have you seen those new Snapple commercials? Those are sincerely disturbing. o_o Here's another reason why I stopped watching TV ...]

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