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I got my watch (one out of two actually, the first - my favorite - refused to work even with a new battery) fixed the other day. Did I mention that? I'm pretty damn happy 'bout it, it's been nearly three months since last I had a watch reside on my wrist.

Oy, I just got back a little bit ago from work ... I'm tired. x_x My left knee's been hurting me all night as I walk ... I'm beginning to wonder if the knot there is actually having some sort of an affect upon my muscles ... it is the largest knot out of the ones on my knees, and lately when I lie down something in that joint pops painfully, and when we went to Mackinac, I had to stagger back to the hotel through town - I simply couldn't walk anywhere anymore, it hurt too much. Blah. -_-;

So anyway, I got back from work. Thankfully I did get paid this evening (although not as much as everyone else ... I plan to be bitter about this). From 4:00 until 6:00, I spent my time at one of the ticket centers, taking money and/or tickets. From 6:00 until 6:20, I spent my time running around looking for particular individuals with change for the cashboxes, escorting guests to other gates, and just generally being a lackey. From 6:30 until about 9:30, I basically cleaned up after other people. o_O There's nothin' like picking up other people's trash to make you feel kind of sticky and unclean. ^_^;

I've also learned that you can't get upwind of cigar smoke. Also, when old men get drunk, old men get lecherous.

I had a thought to expound upon about the power balance in a cafeteria, but I'm too tired now. Remind me later or something, lol. It's pretty damn obvious, but I had fun thinking about it.

My grandmother is coming tomorrow morning for a week. So I may or may not be updating LJ much, or may/not even be online. TBA, as further details become apparent. I'll probably be online more than I should, though. That's a given. O_o

I'm thirsty. TT

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