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Not only have I now discovered that there is a DDR machine in the area (contrary to my strongly held belief), but I have finally touched the well-known thing! I found the 5th Mix one. ^^

Father - ::sticks in tokens:: ... o_O What the hell is this?
Sakaki - This is DDR, Dad! I saw it at A-Cen! Um ... now we press the buttons and choose who we want to be.
[Time goes by, it appears that Sakaki is on the "guys" side and her father is on the "girls" side, so her father selects the manliest chick available and Sakaki goes for the robot guy]
Sakaki - Which song do you want, Dad?
Father - I don't care, I don't care, I've never heard of any of this stuff.
Sakaki - Wheee ... ::scrolls through::
Father - !! Beats per minute!? 190??
Sakaki - Uh, the lowest it goes is 120-something, heh.
[Song starts. Apparently you only have so long to choose before the song is chosen for you.]
Father - ?? What's going on??
Sakaki - ::points to the screen:: When you see the arrow hit here, hit the pad!
[Game Over. Neither Sakaki nor her Father have hit a single one.]
Father - ???????? Game Over??? I just put six frickin' tokens in that thing for less than a minute of playtime???
Sakaki - Uh, well, my guess is if you actually do well, the songs go longer.
Father - ... ::eyes DDR like an enemy::

So we had another go on it, and I think I hit five arrows total. lol. We were so awful ... I was either explaining or laughing too hard in addition to having absolutely eye-to-foot coordination. ^^; (Hey, I'm a gamer where my eye-to-body coordination only goes as far down as my hands! And no, Silvermask, do NOT misinterpret that.) Plus, I've realized that for me, DDR will be like that Mario Typing game I had to play when I was "learning" how to type ... whenever I screwed up, I started to panic and I would mess up even more, and then I would panic more, because I thought Mario was dying. ^^;
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