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... rk spoilers ...

Ok, random SPOILERIFIC Rurouni Kenshin questions.

They said that the best swordsmen act after interpreting their opponent's aura ... and Soujirou is considered one of the best swordsmen, right? After all, he did slice Kenshin's reverse blade (sakabatou?) in two. But it is also said by Shishio that Soujirou has only emotion of the "sanguine" nature, he has no hatred, jealousy, fighting spirit, etc. So if he sees those emotions in his opponent, how on earth can he interpret them and use that knowledge to his best advantage? o_O If he doesn't possess those emotions, how can he evaluate them in an opponent?

Ok, now for something more trivial. ^^ ::claps hands:: Do we get to meet Tokio? That was so cute when Saitou announced that he had a wife. lol

I'm very proud of Kenshin! I still like Saitou, and I like Soujirou too. ^^ Sano's okay. Misao still annoys the hell out of me, though with "Gramps" now in the picture I begin to see why she is the way she is. o_O The grandfather cracks me up sometimes, heh. I still have the last ep on the DVD to watch ... I'm so annoyed that Media Play didn't have the next DVD after this one, so I wound up getting the next Sorcerous Stabber Orphen DVD. =_= I wanted more Kenshin! Oh well, it's anime, and a series I had sworn to finish sooner or later.

[Edit - Keep in mind, I'm also typing these questions out partially so I don't forget that I asked them ... so don't feel obligated to answer. ^^;]

/SPOILERIFIC Rurouni Kenshin questions. (Yes, that's all for right now, heh).

In stinkier news, my knee now bothers me whenever I do any extensive walking. Grrr. Wasn't this supposed to happen to me either earlier when I was still growing (and thus the knots were too), or later, when my bones all decay in my body? Oh well.

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