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lol, I've been such a twerp today, but I'm having a hard time remembering why. Oh wait, now I've got it. Yes, that's it. Today is the last day of December, and .:!Brainfuzz!:. is already one month overdue in a massive update, which involves extensively rearranging our collection of nearly 600 AIM icons and a new Project (a.k.a., a new look). The problem? It's that "time of the month," and I don't feel like doing anything, let alone alphabetically organizing all of the anime/manga/video game/doujinshi/etc. that we've got. lol ... I'm really such a twerp. I woke up this morning specifically to work on it, and haven't been able to bring myself to do anything with it.

Anyway, I finally got around to taking the Zelda character selector thing. The results aren't all that surprising, lol.

# 1 Anju
# 2 Cremia
# 3 Aveil
# 4 Link
# 5 Link
# 6 Link
# 7 Link
# 8 Link
# 9 Link
# 10 Aveil
# 11 Ganondorf
# 12 Impa
# 13 Kafei
# 14 Koume
# 15 Lulu
# 16 Mikau
# 17 Nabooru
# 18 Romani
# 19 Saria
# 20 Skull Kid
# 21 Darunia
# 22 Deku Scrub Princess
# 23 Princess Zelda
# 24 Princess Zelda
# 25 Ruto

Anju! XD It wasn't really hard at all to guess who my top character was going to be. "... in many ways, Anju and I are weirdly alike. Neither of us can cook, we both tend to put things off until the last minute, and we have an inherent tendency towards clumsiness. Forgetful, honest, loyal," I wrote for kaki cosplay, although that page isn't actually up yet, so if you look you'll be lost. : P I want to cosplay as Cremia, but that's either waiting for a wig or for my hair to grow out long again. Aveil would be one of those "dream on" costumes ... ones that I'd like to do, but know there's no hope for. Wrong skin tone, skimpy Gerudo pirate outfit, etc. She wears red though ... hmmmm ... I like red, although I think that's perhaps overly obvious by now.

There's a Lulu in LoZ? o.O I thought she was in FFX ... [edit - oh wait, lol, I just realized who they're talking about. Lulu, the lead singer of the Indigo-gos! Man, I need to stop looking at cosplay ... everybody cosplays as the FF Lulu, and nobody does the fish-girl Zora version from Majora's Mask. ^^;;]

Link took six of the top ten slots. ^_^ I'm hardly as couragous as Link much as I like the boy (there's no way in hell that Hyrule would be saved, were I the Hero of Time ... it would be dead eight times over), so I suppose it's a good thing that Ganondorf was on the list as well - I am Power! ::laughs:: I think, were I to possess a bit of the Triforce, that would be mine. Silvermask agrees, and in the ZFA I possess the Triforce of Power. ^_^ My favorite color's red, too. : P

The presence of Zelda in there at all is dreadfully shocking. Here's part of a fic that reminded me of ... I was going to write it all out (as inspired by my weird interpretations of Ocarina of Time), but might not get around to (as usual). It's Link of OoT speaking to Princess Zelda, "reminincing" that lovely time near the end of the game on the platform suspended high and dry above the deep pool of hot lava -

Link: I tried to throw you off a cliff. Remember the last part of the fight with Ganon? Oh, it was payback time. I kept on pushing and pushing you towards the edge, but your feet were like CEMENT, woman, CEMENT. I sure as hell didn't want to check out what the f@#$ that sound was, but nooo, here come your concrete feet, and you wouldn't do it, and somebody had to goddamn do it ... ::mutter mutter mutter::

That's it, lol. Ok, I'm finished rambling for now ... well, maybe not. Last night I went and played Majora's Mask at two or so in the morning, because I was feeling sick as a dog ... and I followed Anju around for a single three day cycle. Ah, that was sad. T_T I think the second day is the worst for her, because that's when she's truly struggling to make up her mind - flee with her family, or wait for Kafei? She sits in the Laundry Pool area for a couple of hours and sobs ... she's so close to Kafei, but nothing can happen now ...

Ok, I'm going to stop now, while I'm still ahead. ::laughs:: I think I'm going to go dose up on Midol ... ::winces::

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