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Well ... my grandmother is out of our house, if not technically back in hers yet. We had a small adventure at the airport, and basically, we don't know where she is. ^_^;

We arrived quite ahead of time, and we got my grandmother through airport security into the waiting area (though we couldn't follow, and remained on the other side of a glass partition). She got wanded (again), even having to unbuckle her belt, although I'm not sure what danger a nearly blind, five foot one, slightly overweight old lady with arthritis can pose. I suppose the plates in her legs from when she broke them back in the 80's must have set off the metal detector.

So my mother and I wait around the airport as we see the plane roll up, thinking "okay, this is good, she gets on the plane, plane lands in next airport, she has an hour to get to her connecting flight back home, we'll be fine." Well, it didn't turn out that way. As it happens (or as well as we were able to deduce, not being able to hear anything through the glass partition), they overbooked the flight by five people, and nobody would get off, but nobody could take off unless five people got off. So the plane sat, and sat. We saw her get on the plane, though the plane continued to sit.

It got to a point where, had the plane taken off right then and there, she would only have 20 minutes to catch her connecting flight. It would not have been such a bad problem had there been a later flight she could catch to get back home, but that was the last one - she would have to spend the night alone in an airport. 20 minutes worried my mother. For you see, my grandmother, though a determined woman, moves slowly. So we arranged for a "meet and assist" to get her hauled over to the other airplane and thus back home. We had to leave right then because I had to be at work (I was late).

She hasn't called yet, so she's ... somewhere. We're not too sure. ^^;

I actually had a good day at work today. I've discovered that the trick is that while being bored, find a way in which you can do nothing. After all, if you're bored and you are forced into doing tasks, you're more likely to screw up - and with customers watching your every keystroke at the cash register like a hawk, that's not cool. So I found my way to do nothing - I got to sit by a door all afternoon, reading magazines, waving at people, and telling people where the bathrooms and trashcans were. Time passed slowly, but it at least passed tolerably.

I made a grand total of $24.74. I did not muster up the gumption to ask my boss about a raise to lift my income to that of my peers, and then I was sent off to guard the door and guide wedding people, so.

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