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This is a good, but really difficult RK DVD to watch ... I keep on having to stop it. ^^; And here I shall proceed to make one random comment, which most of you can disregard, and which all of you probably will -

Aoshi, you bastard. If you do what I think you're gonna do, I won't forgive you forever, no matter how cool you were! >.<

Okay. Now, for a random question - I'm kind of tempted to attempt to make a layout featuring this weird sea-creature thing that I doodled and want to color in Photoshop. It isn't beautiful. It isn't elegant. It's plainly kooky, and obviously just at least a bit on the weird side. Whaddaya think? ^^ I'll never be able to draw beautifully, it seems, so I might as well give up trying (although I did do a Kenshin's face which looked good if I got up and walked across the room to look at it ...), and trying to convince people that I do.

Hammerspace is HAPPILY KOOKY. Kookie ... cookie ... coooookiiie monster ...

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