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I've turned Moouack (my comp) purple on the inside, if not on the outside. Whee! And finally I've discovered some RK wallpapers that I like (thanks Nishi! ^_^), so we've got a whole "it's the person not the sword" theme going on here. The only thing that's slightly weird is that my default text in here is the light violet color I made, instead of the usual black. But I'll get used to that, soon enough! I like this purple ...

You know what I just realized? I'm going to have to get a new computer eventually ... haven't they stopped making zip disks? My computer has no fancy-dancy CD burner/DVD-ROM/whatever thingiemabobbers. Once I've filled up my zip disks (probably not going to be all that hard with my increasing experimentation with CG and my additional art-related computer courseload next year), that's it, I'm doomed. My harddrive is already pretty packed with things ... and Shoten, did you know that the highest my monitor can go is 1024x768? ^^;

Now, for a bit of work news (speaking of work, I should go to bed now ... I hate getting up in the mornings, I really do). I have another job for the rest of the summer, it seems. Originally I was supposed to be working at this place this week and next only, doing the odd jobs and answering the phone. Now, after this, for a couple of days every week, I get to go in and do data entry, and answer phones. heh. I've been doing a lot of data entry recently .. @_o; I've begun to memorize zip codes. It gives you a headache after awhile ... but I seem to have discovered a pattern that enables me to endure doing data entry from nine until four, if not actually enable me to be more productive. After I do so many, I do a little bit of a doodle. Then I go back to data entry, and return to the doodle again.

With that and jumping around the alphabet, I'm not dead yet (though I do get headaches by the end of the day, heh). I am, however, increasing the size of my task of updating Hammerspace with each passing day. So far I've scanned nearly twenty "doodles," eight or nine of which will require coloring on the comp (amounting to usually one and a half or two hours per piece if not more depending on size and my patience), and one or two of which wants just a little bit of colored pencil. I don't know when I'm going to get it done. ^^;

In bad news, my last pair of shorts finally gave way today and revealed two holes right smack-dab on my rear. -- I'm afraid to go shorts-shopping. I walked past the shorts section in one store, and what I saw wasn't shorts - it was row upon row of painfully tiny EXCUSES for shorts! Ah, it reminds me of my old oath never to wear shorts above my knees, but that was quicky broken as the line raised. There is, however, no damn way I'm going to squeak my tush into something that is made of practically near less fabric than a pair of underwear. I want comfort, dammit, and I'm not comfortable when I'm sticking to seats, pulling things down, or revealing so much skin (both up and down, for not only has the line gone up, it seems, but the waistline has lowered tremendously). I need pockets that have depth enough to keep what I put in them, in!

Point blank, I don't think I look attractive in such short "shorts." I don't think most people do. So I find it somewhat irritating that it's all I can easily find.

I may be an odd person, but I've always thought that the human body nearly always looks better clothed. You don't need to show it all, a "true lady never reveals all her secrets."

::proceeds to make inflammatory comments:: And damn straight they should question the Constitutionality of having things like "under God" in our Pledge and "In God We Trust" on our currency. You're right, Dusty, these things were added in a era of conservatism, and the God the sayings refer to is the Christian one. But what about people who don't believe in the Christian God? What about those who believe in more than one god, or a Goddess? What about those of us who do not believe in any God at all? True, as it is said, the will of the minority should not govern the majority, but neither should the majority crush the minority.

Of course, we're plunging straight into another conservative period of time (or we were last I heard, as I've been in a self-imposed "real-life" media exile), so it's silly to hope that something which most Americans have become so accustomed to seeing will change. People are by nature resistant to change, it seems. The best we can do is pretend that we won't have prayer in schools (I wish not to count the number of prayers during ceremonies and other affairs that I encountered during my attendance at a public high school).

Hmm ... I probably shouldn't have commented, seeing as I don't have much information on the story, and am only operating with the most thin of glosses. ::sigh::

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