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I have several useless outfits that I wish I could convert into costumes, but I can't think of a bloomin' character that they could be converted into. My royal blue satin and chiffon show choir dress with the poofy, swirly skirt from my Freshman year still fits ... Sakura's got poofy skirts sometimes, right? Does she ever have any that are bright royal blue? ^^; This is one of those types where if you twirl around, the thing goes all the way up - why we had to buy royal blue bloomers to wear that year. lol.

The red sparkly show choir dress from my sophomore year still fits, of course (if the first one, which was more fitted compared to this one, which was so loose I had to hold the straps up with safety-pins, could fit, then this fits), but it's so gaudy. It has a halter top neckline and those really rather large bright red sequins. o_O No froofy skirt this time. I can't think of any poor anime character who wears something like that.

Then there's my Prom dress, the floor-length, full-skirted strapless purple-with-a-blue-shimmer affair. I'm never going to wear that again, I don't think. The only formal-esque functions I've ever gone to were at conferences fairly far away, and since I had no reason nor want to deal with packing a skirt that big, I wore one of my tighter-fitting dresses.

One of the said tighter-fitting things is this black and red, somewhat velvety, pretty much backless dress. o_O Nearly floor-length, it is. I can't think of anything to do with that, either.

And finally, I have a white Princess Leia costume from several years ago (it's the dress she wears when you first see her, the white one with the hood), done in cotton. I've grown since we've made that, so the sleeves no longer go down all the way to my wrists nor the hemline to my ankles.

What can I do with these things!? Maybe I should scan some pictures and ask the cosplay group here on LJ about it, since I've been thinking unsuccessfully for months. x_x

I have, however, thought successfully of some places in which I could haul somebody to take cosplay photos of me (when I'm at home, not at school). There are numerous small parks along the river, and what's kind of interesting about them is that way back when in the Depression, a lot of people got work by making breakers, fences, steps, and other ornamentation out of local stones and cement. There is also, surprisingly, a Japanese garden not too far from here!

Other interesting things that have happened today include the fact that our garden hose sprung a leak waaaaay out there (we have three acres, I think). I looked out the window and saw this little white fountain thing going on in our yard, and upon investigation found a hole nearly the size of my thumb in the hose. So that's that, the hose is mortally wounded.

Happy 4th of July, everyone. I'm still out here in the country communing with the corn. We saw the city's fireworks show last night, it was pretty cool (although it was a pain in the ass to get over there). There was a local event going on beforehand, and my mother dragged me out, saying that it was a good way to get a taste of the local culture. Well, it was packed. You could barely move, and there were people smoking and spilling drinks everywhere. One guy with a cigar took his cigar out of its plastic wrapper and, instead of finding a trashcan like a proper man, stuck the wrapper in my first-grade teacher's purse. On the whole the event re-taught me that most people are either stupid, disgusting, loud, annoying, or just plain rude.

Why did my father bother to ask me to go to the Fourth of July pool party when he knows that I still can't swim yet (I can't get water in my ear, which leads to some interesting pre-shower procedures involving cotton balls, Vaseline, and said left ear)? How the hell would that be fun? ^_^;;; It's ninety-something degrees out there, and if I couldn't get into the water with everybody else, that would be more like sheer torture. Besides, I can't do the coin dive anymore ever again anyway. T_T For the "big kids," they toss the coins in the deep end, and it has been proven with past experience that the skin graft on my ear drum can't handle diving that deep. -_-;

Can you suggest moods for LJ? o_O I keep on wanting a "perplexed" or "puzzled" mood, but they just don't exist. ^^;

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