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04 July 2002 @ 02:35 pm

Remember when, long ago, I posted about Winamp suddenly no longer playing my MIDIs with any sound? That is, they were playing, but yet they weren't?

Well, I got annoyed, and uninstalled Winamp (after saving my favorite skins, of course, because some of them were darn hard to find!), only to discover that Winamp wasn't the problem. Rather, it was all in my precious, beloved little collection of MIDIs, all along. TT I guess I'll have to replace them now, but it's been so long, I have no idea where or how to go about it (plus I'm certain that some of the sites that I got one or two from no longer exist). So, if anyone has a MIDI or an mp3 of these songs, can you let me know?

  • 1000 Oceans
  • December
  • Foolish Games
  • New Wave Cannon in D
  • Rain
  • Roxette
  • Duvet
  • Spark
  • Stairway

1000 Oceans and Spark are, I'm thinking, Tori Amos songs. I stumbled across a site once that no longer exists and downloaded them for the heck of it, and liked them enough to keep it. Foolish Games is another one of these, but it's reportedly a song by "Jewel."

December was a cute little song that sounded icy and tinkly on MIDI. There were lyrics to it once, I remember, something about all in this December ... but other than that, I don't know.

I don't really need a copy of Duvet - I have an mp3, but the MIDI always cracked me up for some reason.

Rain, Roxette, and Stairway were all bgms on sites no longer in existence. Of the three, I'm fairly sure that Roxette may be an actual song from somewhere, but since I've never heard the words and its been so long, I don't know for sure. "Rain" was a surprisingly fast-beat BGM on some DBZ site or other ... I think it might have been called "Vegeta's Lair," or something. The site was in black and white, as I recall.

newwavecannonind I think I got from Gourry, and may or may not be able to get again from him.

If you can help me, yay!! If not, shit ... T_T I really liked my little MIDI collection.
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odheirreodheirre on July 4th, 2002 09:31 pm (UTC)
Tori Amos
I have the two Tori Amos songs: 1000 Oceans (from To Venus and Back) and Spark (from Choirgirl Hotel). They're on CD - good stuff. Can you recommend a good free ripper for Windows XP? My MP3 Workshop program isn't working too well with XP. Alternatively, you can have them in .wmp format...

On another note, I also like Deborah Tannen - really good writer. Her books got me through my Technical Editing course...I was dealing with a writer, and used her technique to change status from heiarchy to community.
One Who Wanders: downcastabiona on July 5th, 2002 08:48 am (UTC)
Re: Tori Amos
Sadly, I can't recommend any rippers whatsoever ... ^^;;; ::has no knowledge whatsoever of things of that nature::

I only have the one book of Tannen's, and only because I found the abandoned thing in the computer lab at school one day. ^_^;; (We had had to read an excerpt which I had really liked from the same book for a class, so I kept it instead of turning it in to the office nearby ... I'm such a bad person ...) Once I finish the stack of books I have left to read (eheh ... that'll take me awhile. ::eyes books::), I'll probably look into her other works.
Gilliamgilliamii on July 5th, 2002 09:43 am (UTC)
Re: Tori Amos
You might try a program called CDex. I've used it on and off to convert my CDs to MP3 and WAV format. Their site says that there may be some issues running under 2000/XP, but I have had no problems as yet.
SD: Lazulisado_nishi on July 5th, 2002 01:43 am (UTC)
I have a good Duvet mp3. Do you have an AOL email account, or any other email service that doesn't have a size limit for attachments? If you do, and want the mp3, let me know the address and I can email it.