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Several Reasons aol Sucks -

1.) I just got rate-limited merely deleting old buddies off my buddylist. What the shiznit? What the hell do you think I'm doing, aol, spamming people?

2.) I can't see if I've been warned, hence -
2a. It's useless. What earthly good does it do if I can't see it?
2b. It's irritating when at least three or four, or sometimes more people come up to me and say the equivalent of "daaaang, who warned you?"

3.) "Warning" on the whole is especially irritating to me because I can't warn people back, so I'm defenseless. Like a sitting duck! What the heck do they think, that all aol and AIM users are innocent, friendly little babes in an Internet utopia?

4.) People think I'm an idiot or an asshole simply because I use aol. I'm sorry, but that's not the case. For making such generalized assumptions, I hate everyone who insults all aol users en masse. (And if you dare point out that I just made a generalization myself, I will personally drag you out and stuff your face with uncooked corn.)

5.) aol users can only select from a small pool of rather crappy aol icons, and can't select their own. I run an icon site and I can't use my own material.

6.) aol users can't see the icons of AIM users.

7.) aol users can't do file transfers or image connections with AIM users or even each other, unlike on AIM.

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