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Everything can be taken negatively. Everything can be an excuse. When you want to pick something apart, everything can be a target.

Dammit, I really want my Deborah Tannen book about the argument culture right now ... I feel like I really need the information in it. ::grabs at thin air::

I tried on my show choir dress from my freshman year (which should be already clear from a previous entry), and it fit, which really should mean that I haven't gotten fatter since then. But I feel like I have. ._. I feel rather ugly and disgusting at the moment.

I was going to watch more Inu-Yasha to cheer myself up, but then my computer told me that there wasn't enough free memory to do that, which is kind of scary. ._.

I think I've just broken my 2002 record of "most posts in a day," now at the grand total of four. Go me. I'm not having a great 4th of July here, but I can't decide if that's because I haven't been taking my medication (which should give me reason to take it), don't want to take it, or am just descending into the land of Hormonalville, because I'm pretty damn sure "that time of the month" is pretty damn soon.

At least I mostly finished the woodworking site. So I did something today. Nya.

I wonder if certain individuals still read this ... o.O ::peers at the screen::

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