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Today has been the Day of the Flipflops! I have four new pairs. XD (So I may be proving the stereotype about women and shoes true, after all ... o_o) I plan on painting my toenails either shimmery blue or sparkly green in celebration. I can't permit myself to paint my fingernails for everyday purposes, because 1.) I tend to chip the paint off when I get bored, which looks bad, and 2.) when my nails get longer, my nails become - predictably - more prone to breaking.

.:!Brainfuzz!:. is nearing completion, which is making me happy (though it is later than I said it would be, again, on the main site). But since we've made considerable progress lately, I'll put a hold on the carnage. ^_^

I'm not that enthused with portabello mushrooms, and don't quite get what's so great about them. I'm not really all that impressed by mushrooms at all, actually. o.O With some of the things I've read and ways people have reacted to mushrooms (and not that kind of mushroom, thankyouverymuch), you'd think they'd be some almighty veggie. But they're not really. o_o

I really want to be at AX right now ... ._.;

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