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Livejournal's giving me some trouble tonight, so this entry will be quite brief. Plus, I just realized that I promised to post as Abiona today, and had forgotten to do so up until this point - precisely 12:00 a.m., as I type. I have to get up at seven-thirty tomorrow morning to work all day. -_-; Crud, and I have nothing to wear except for skirts, and it's cold. T_T

Anyway, I made two (well, actually three, but one's a pixel too big) Livejournal icons that I don't think I'll actually be using ... but I hate for 'em to go to waste, so does anybody want them? ^_^; The art for both is by Watase Yuu, for Fushigi Yuugi and Ayashi no Ceres respectively. ^_^

[Edit: The links no longer function.]

And as soon as Silvermask gets done with that alphabetizing, I can work on my part of the late .:!Brainfuzz!:. update ... ::glare glare:: Note to self - topics for next session include "the record" and "people who can't be hurt." Yeah.

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