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I've given in to the temptation and have added more random folks to my friends list. @_o; You can learn things from some people, or find more interesting information that you didn't know before.

The glue on the "dragon" has dried, so I may scan it and see just how much I can butcher an LJ style today. ^_^ I keep on forgetting that some colors dry to a different shade than they are while wet ... this one that was a watery red when wet actually dried to a really intense, glittery hot pink. o_O; Not my dream color, but I'll manage. ^^; The thing also kind of deflated, if you know what I mean. ^^; I guess as the water in the glue evaporated, the kind of layering that I had built up went fzzzzzzzt and flattened. Oh well! ^^; Anyway, I wouldn't recommend Elmer's glue as your most permanent medium. ^_^ I fortunately thought ahead (somewhat) and taped that scrap paper down, so the thing dried flat ... but I don't want to know what'll happen if it gets wet. ^^;

Katherine, remember that piece of paper we coated in oil paint in class a couple years ago when we didn't want to do our work? Maybe I should turn that into an LJ style too. XD

I'm bored ... my stepfather finally purchased his domain, so really I should get to working on things again, but for some reason I have no desire to. I don't even want to work on Hammerspace, which is strange as well. (And don't ask us to host you - we have the space, but trust me ... if you have a thing against really long URLs, you really, really don't want to.)

Azora - it apparently rained here last night pretty harshly. ^^; I had no idea until I woke up this morning and asked about the clouds ... I was sleeping far better than I thought. XD

I had another set of strange dreams, the latter one of which I remember the most involved me being destructive. ^_^;; In order to be free (of what, I no longer quite recall), I had to stop this factory-like place from working. So, I was alone in this massive room with a bunch of technically-advanced yet rust-bucket machinery, and successfully screwed things up by putting a lot of pieces of junk inside the machine's gears, preventing it from going anywhere.

I looked around and scooped up this small pile of stuff that was apparently mine, and then went to walk out of the room - then the workers, who looked kind of like yellow Ewoks, came in. I thought I managed to look remarkably cheery as I smiled at them and tip-toed out!

I then went outside to this area that's hard to describe - it was kind of like a supermarket in the sense that it was brightly lit and had a lot of shelves in organized rows, but it wasn't exactly. o_O Anyway, after "hiding" my small pile of stuff on top of some books on a shelf, I ran around finding this person who was meant to be my mother. We were going around the area, sneaking around shelves, searching for my "father," whom we found (although I've never seen my IRL father run quite like that). We continued to sneak around, which was making me very anxious - I had, after all, sabotaged some pretty expensive and vital stuff!

I asked her why we were still hanging around, mentioning that this was going to do us no good if I got suspended from school before school actually started, and she replied that we were looking for some data which would allow us to get out of the area. Some lackey on the other side of the shelf heard, and (this is the part that makes me doubt that this was really my mother, heh) my "mother" ran around the corner, grabbed this huge display stand, and swung it around like a club, easily knocking the man out. o_o

Oookay, so after that the three of us fled. At one point, my "mother" and I were running down a long corridor with an ivory-colored floor, and an employee put her head around the corner and started yelling at us to run faster, we were too close to the loading docks, run faster! I grabbed my mother's hand and tried to go even faster.

My mother stuck a small key into a black door, and it opened up to reveal a dirt basement in which was a set of small cars. One drove up with my father inside, and myself, my mother, and some other person (not sure where she came from) got in, with me in the middle. I worried about being found when we got to the checkpoint ...

... and then I woke up. Whee. Actually, that dream was fairly coherent compared to a lot of mine. o_o

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