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Oh, I forgot to mention -

Remember when I got back from Mackinac, and I talked about how my knee hurt so badly, I was practically limping back to the hotel? You recommended that I get that checked out ... well, we didn't. ^^; heh.

Actually, we went up to St. Joseph the other night to watch the sunset, and (of course) we did a lot of walking, and (of course) my knee soon began hurting so badly, I slowed down to the speed of a gossipy high school student in the hallway. We haven't gotten it checked out, because we know what's causing it (or we're 99% sure) - I have a hereditary bone disease (multiple hereditary exostoses, or something like that) which causes lumps of calcium to form on my bones, particularly near joints, and one of the larger lumps on my bones is right above my knee on my left leg. Fortunately, I have stopped growing, so the lump itself won't grow anymore. We can't, however, do anything about it until it bothers me insanely every day. ^_^;; Otherwise, it will be "elective" surgery, and the insurance won't cover it.

In other medical news, I have another appointment with my ear surgeon on the 15th, to see how my inner ear has done since the last appointment. I may be able to take a shower without sticking a cotton ball full of Vaseline in my ear sometime soon!! *_* And I may be able to go swimming! XDXD

I just can't dive. T_T; Well, I knew that before, but now I know that I can't even go all the way down to bottom of the deep end when swimming underwater. Also, if I ever go flying again, I'm supposed to take hard candy or something like that along with me. ::likes flying::

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