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Gilliam, remember when I tried to steer you away from Livejournal? lol, some resounding success that was! ^_^;; I've been searching for some of my old journals that never got very far, and I did find a couple of them (believe you me, I tried this online journal thing often, lol). All these early journal attempts were the source of the "As of this moment, I am not a mime." line that appears in most of my profiles these days.

I once wrote nearly a year ago "well, since Gilliam and I have made an unspoken pledge to get more AGVers on instead of (why? Because is hardly ever functional, sheesh)" ... goes to show how things can change over the course of a few months. ^^;

Here are some other quotes.
"You don't write what you like. You write what you have to write to get by. Write what people want you to. And since that's all you can do, you had better do it well."

An Ode to Large Text, for Hoon -
"I'm going to put a lot of obnoxiously large text right here for the moment, in order to obtain a page of enough length so that what I'm trying to do with those darned scrollythingies becomes apparent. It doesn't appear to work if your page isn't long enough to require the use of a scrollybar, and so hence I am writing nonsense text in order to get it to do so. Blah blah blah blah blah. Etc., etc., etc., etc. I wonder if this is long enough yet ...? No, probably not. Might as well continue. Tralala, I wish I could put images on this thing, but all of mine are on freeservers which don't allow linking, drat. I'm going to see if this is enough now. Prepare for the worst if it isn't."

I haven't talked to Hoon in a long time. ._. All of these entries mention AGV, are about AGV, or even the journal itself links to AGV ... it doesn't make me as sad as it used to, but it still gives me kind of an emotional twinge.

I'm kind of getting more into the Artist's Cafe now, but I still feel kind of disconnected from everyone, like I've got a hand on the car door and am holding on for dear life while they drive on, my body flapping behind in the wind. I don't know why I can't seem to pull myself in the door ... it's not like they've pulled it shut on me, or anything, but ah, ah ... something seems to be missing, somewhere, somehow.

Since I quit the RPGs at Animeboards, all other online forums have ceased to hold me or connect me. I suppose this might be a reason for my increased LJ usage lately.

Look!! LOOK!! There are Inu-Yasha calendars!! ::adds them to the Wishlist with the $150 Vampire Hunter D statuette:: LOL, that just reminded me of my AGV wishlist, which was 95% requests for bishounen.

Hmm, I remember when one day (out of sheer irritation), I weeded the Anipike section of Mononoke Hime for broken links and sent them all in. Don't think they ever got the information. heh, I think I had been searching the web for info on Mononoke Hime to use in a paper, got annoyed, and mostly made up an entire section on Hotaru no Haka.

Thirsty ... why am I always so thirsty??

Paul just gave me a whistle he made for his kids when they didn't know how to whistle. ._.; So what if it took me three and a half years to learn how to snap my fingers! This doesn't mean that whistling is impossible! heh. ^^;; Apparently people keep on commenting on my practicing. "Oh yeah, she'll be sitting there typing away, and suddenly you'll hear this sound like winter wind, or something. Fooooooossshh ... foooooooshhhhhhh ... foooooshhh ..."

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