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So here I am, typing in at work. Shippo, I tried your method of silencing the modem, but nothing came of it and it is still as loud as ever (and today, more unreliable and frizzy).

I'm supposed to be typing into the massive "dancer database" the dancers who have been accepted into the Nutcracker, but I wanted to finish the business database first, or at least the book I'm sticking into the database - after all, I only have part of the letter S left (three pages of businesses in small font). That's small stuff! ::laughs:: Well, really I'm afraid that if I get settled on another task, I'll forget about this one and not continue.

And now for a random statement. Lina's question about the source of the button's power has stumped me indeed. I shall have to think more about this matter, and a title still evades me.

My boss is trying to get online. I have to go.

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