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New icon-age, but I still don't have a "confused/eheh/sweatdrop" icon ... I like the "calm" and the "default" icon the least, so if I ever come up with a doodle that works for the moods I want, one of those will be the first to go (probably the default one, for although it matches the damn journal, I use it the least).

I posted at Aeon about .:!Brainfuzz!:., and so far the response has been positive, with the note that the drop down menus are confusing at first. No one, however, will tell me quite why they're confusing ... so I haven't come up with a solution for that confusion yet.

I long for a Fruit Rollup.

Question - should I get "paid" for working on the family website in either money or a Gamecube? The option for a Gamecube has been put before me, and although it is tempting, the money could be used too. Gamecube means Zelda and rare purchases of other games (a game is only worth the damn lot of money it costs if I can really get into it, and I can only count on the LoZ series for that), and money will mean a trip to a con somewhere, which I really want to do. T_T I'm so confused! lol

In other news, my surgeon is unhappy about the results of my surgery - while my hearing has improved just a little bit, if it would have improved enough to have been noticable, it would have done so by now. There were no guarantees about it, and I'm not especially bothered by this (I've been this way for awhile, so it's not like I don't know how to live with being partially deaf). Because of the reconstruction of my inner ear during surgery, however, hearing aids will now help my hearing. ^_^ I wonder if they make them in purple ...?

I uninstalled Ragnarok in preparation for downloading Beta2 one of these days. Since I imagine it will take me at least all night (if not more), I can't download it on a night before I have to work (I am not doing data entry on no sleep, thank you very much, heh). So that means not tonight. Silvermask, what was that download-resumer-thingiemabobber that you use? I have a sinking feeling that I'm going to need it (this isn't my university connection, after all ...).

I'm thirsty, yet again. I must be cursed!

I kind of want to buy some Gameboy Advance games so that I actually play with the damn thing ... only problem being is that I don't know what to buy, and what I have stinks. ^_^; (See this past entry about the game "Lady Sia" for an example of my parents' selection powers.)

Nanu, nanu.

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