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earthphoenix is going to help me out with recreating Rin's kimono from Blade of the Immortal. ^_^

Research on kimonos and fabric dying must be done! This will turn out well or I'm a hippo!

I will be able to join sado_nishi (as Anotsu - see ) and her friends if all works out and I manage to get out to a West-coast con. ^__^ I feel full of giggles and grins.

    Cons I Must Attend in the Future!
  • Anime Expo (many people I have promised to meet)
  • SakuraCon (Blade of the Immortal group ...)
  • Otakon ('cause dammit, I was just so close that one year)
  • Anime Weekend Atlanta (gotta meet Bara)

Beta2 download's at 11%.

Current Desktop, featuring Anotsu from Blade of the Immortal. I need more Blade of the Immortal ... I want an Anotsu, too. As I was telling Nishi, he can live in my closet with D. I promise to take good care of him and let him play with his axe!

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