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Espria is gone, Moonbean has replaced her (and yes, that's bean, not beam) ... though it's going to be a darn tootin' long while before I can use my Arc Wand again. (You have to be level 24!)

Aagh! What did they do to the Prontera Church? o_O It's kind of like the Culvert sewers crossed with the darker levels of Ganon's Castle in OoT (read: ugly), and the torches oh-so-conveniently hiding all the Clerics annoy me. And where did the nun you could buy acolyte gear from and sell everything to go?

They changed the acolyte quest, I think, or rather there are a set number of them and now you get one that has been randomly selected for you. I'm supposed to find Father Rubalkabara (how the shiznit do they come up with these names?) in the Relics in the northeast of Prontera City. Do they mean the original guy from Beta1? I don't remember his name, and "Rubalkabara" does not sound familiar. @_o

Mandragoras are ugly. And scary!

I've finally come to understand that the "Savage Babe" little piglets are not an ironic reference to the movie Babe, which decreases their humor value just a bit. Sadly, they are just the little offspring of the Savage pigs.

I ran into some weird enemies that I've never seen before, including a little masked man in a cluster of teepees who slapped me for more HP than I was worth and killed me.

I should be productive soon, as in working on the family webpage ... they've been bothering me about it a lot, and as a result I have done even less than usual, so that means nil. Bah. I know that it's really important to him, I don't know why I can't seem to get that into my head and get going.

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