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Estelle, Cajun-cookin' Swordess and Snake Slayer

Estelle : ::lost::
Estelle : Although ...
Estelle : I guess I can't be lost if I don't have a destination in mind.

The trick to getting along better in anything, it seems, is to not assume that I am a master of the subject in question no matter how long I have been in practice, and to know that though I am not an expert, I am not really a newbie either. I must know what I know, and know that as someone in training, there is still much left to learn. When I ask for respect because of what I know, I must respect others in turn for their knowledge. I am who I am at this moment, though I may not recognize myself later in either the forward or the back sense.

If somebody finds a pair of those green antennae/feelers on Loki, do let me know. I've practically been driving the Rockers into extinction by trying to find a pair, but I've had no luck. Providing I don't get carpal tunnel syndrome first, I'm going to have one helluva strong right wrist. o_O

Woltz : take care ur self because ur eye will like panda
Estelle : Eh?
Woltz : ur eye will be like Panda bear
Estelle : Is that so? ^_^;

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