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26 July 2002 @ 10:51 pm
Hah, I had a great time playing RO today!

I did some serious leveling up (two levels is serious for me ... ^^;), so now kowaiyo is a Poring-shivering 25/18. I then met up with Ryn, and eventually we decided to trek it to Payon (since I didn't have it set as a memo point ... but I do now!). Before we went, however, we stopped by the Prontera Cathedral, where Ryn preached the religion of the Egg and I chatted with this nice lady who's actually from Japan. How cool is that? She was very generous and gave me two Wings of Butterfly of her own will.

Lessee. Ryn, I made it to Payon, and the news is that Divine Protection is no good whatsoever. When enemies hit you for 200+ HP, subtracting a mere 30 HP from that (if you have Divine Protection maxed, which I don't) isn't going to do much.

And I finally know the Egg you speak of, Ryn! You're right, it's great! I had been thinking along the lines of PecoPeco Egg, and I thought, "what the heck could a PecoPeco Egg do to people, bounce around?", which was an amusing thought ... but this "Magnolia" egg is more amusing by far. This egg, fresh out of the shell, twhacks people with a frying pan! It's great.

When I was alive in the caves, I basically spent my time teleporting myself around to avoid the undead purple zombies who threw up green stuff on you, since they did a lot of damage to me. ^_^;; I did not, however, successfully evade the purple skeleton with two blades in hand.

I lay dead on the ground while a fellow acolyte sat and chatted with me, as did a slightly odd thief who kept on chanting "Amen" and so on and so forth. I called out "Egg! There's an egg!" every time I spotted one, although few went to go attack it (as it is, reportedly, extremely tough XD). Eventually her team showed up (and some sat on me), and they all began speaking a foreign language ... it was a bit disconcerting because I was pretty sure that they were talking about me, but I didn't know what the heck it was they were saying. o_O We got along fine, though. Then two more purple skeletons appeared and people started falling, and eventually some person came by and put a flower by the two dead acolytes, and went on.

I kind of want to be an Assassin now ... I must defeat the urge to try out every damn occupation. x_x; Getting to job level 40 (which I haven't yet) is far more time-consuming than leveling up to 10.
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One Who Wanders: evil acolyteabiona on July 28th, 2002 05:11 pm (UTC)
I can't wait for Loki to come back into functionality. I kind of miss playing my acolyte, plus my plans for a thief (again ... I had one once but deleted her) are boiling hot! My merchant will have to go, though ... can you give carts away? TT; I wish my thief could carry around Jonquil's cart ...