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From zero to hero in less than twenty four hours ... not me, rather I speak of my day. ^_^

It started out pretty crappy. First off there was the "small" problem of being forced to arise at seven-thirty a.m., which rendered little me here a veritable zombie, totally disoriented and rather clueless as to the concept of "balance." I next proceeded to discover that somehow, I had utterly misplaced my favorite bra ... couldn't remember where the hell I had put it last night, nor could I think of where it could possibly have gone. I couldn't find it, and eventually I gave up and settled for a less-favorite one. Yes, you folks needed to know that, didn't you? : P Anyway ...

I then went to work (late because of my molasses-thick bloodstream). Time went by slowly, even moreso than usual. In that void of discernable time-movement, the following things happened:

1.) I discovered that despite having worked there for longer than anybody else on the weekend staff, I am paid nearly a full dollar less. o_O;
2.) I have not been given the password required to get past the newly implemented screensaver, despite having worked there for nearly three years now and therefore being one of the more trustworthy staff members.
3.) An old man felt me up while I was carrying a bunch of cups full of red punch and couldn't defend myself without making a mess. >.<;;; My father's response? "HAHAHAHAHA!! I bet you just made his day!!" Gee, thanks for the sympathy, Dad.
4.) This weird guy was very interested in my nametag. o.O;;;;;
5.) The very cute guy never looked my way. T_T
6.) A close friend from high school didn't even recognize me. >.<;

Ok, now to the good part. My father picked me up from work, and I managed to convince him to go take me to see Lord of the Rings (finally, cripes). There are very few movies where I walk out of the movie theater and have this sudden feeling that damn, things are beautiful. Even me. LoTR was one of them ...

... probably in part because damn, Legolas is hot.

Me: Legolas. *_*
Friend: Oh god.
Me: ::nearly spews her hot chocolate up laughing::

Bara's response to that was "if there are, then that means less competition." lol

Next, Debbie from school comes online, and reports that schedules are finally up on MU Online, which is pretty much the only way we know where to go when classes finally start again on the 15th. And damn, with the "small" exception of lacking one class that gives me enough credits to become a sophomore, this schedule is beautiful. My earliest class is at ten a.m., a far cry from the eight thirty I was trudging through in a zombie-like state, while my latest class gets out at 3:15. I have no classes on Friday whatsoever. This is great because I don't have to miss anything when I go to A-Cen. ^_^v

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