One Who Wanders (abiona) wrote,
One Who Wanders

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It's about damn time.

Dead Acolytes

When a merchant dies in town, nobody notices and they continue to vend. When swordspeople die, people laugh. When acolytes die, we get flowers.

I see blacksmiths.

Female blacksmiths do exist.

Big Sea of Love and Regrets

As God spoke of the end, the crowd around the Culvert began crying out "I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!" and "NOOO!!!!," and then the conversation turned to sex shortly before the server connection failed as the servers went offline.

Not Gonna Hold my Breath

I'm not either.


God's going to get you offline no matter where you go.

Bow Down Before my Frying Pan

And remember, no matter what happens, worship the egg.

Are Those People I See Buried Under the Shop?

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