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In the news today, I'm feeling much better about everything in general (a relief to my mother, who is probably now more convinced now than ever that Zoloft is something that she'll keep me on for the rest of my natural life. o_O) I haven't really had anything to update with, as I've been working in a small, narrow room, cleaning up the messes of others (again), and not a lot happens (unless you consider being the closet organizer for an organization thrilling). ^_^;

As my boss and my mother are in the next room over and thus cannot watch me with their eagle eyes, making sure I don't read the programs I find or look at the slides to see what they are of ::cough::, I've been taking my time cleaning up the office (which is also probably why it's taking me a lot longer. ::sweatdrop::). I've spent much of my time the past while straightening out the chaotic "video and audio archive," and I now know that although a job archiving might be interesting in some ways, it would also make me sad, and eventually bored out of my mind. It's interesting how, even when you archive so much that you're an eternal packrat (::Sakaki finds thingiemabobbers and can't figure out why anybody in the organization saved them::), the past can still get lost. There's a lot of stuff that was so newfangled at the time, but is now totally obsolete ... rendering that tape or this one a locked book to me.

I won't know what the Spring 78' concert was like, nor be able to see an interview with one of the founders of the dance studio. It won't happen, because although I know that it exists, I'm pretty damn sure that you don't just stumble onto "helical scan video tape recorder"s or any related equipment these days. Ah well ...

I really should just disable that message notification thing that you can get if someone responds to your post/comment/whatever on LJ. I just never check the email account that these go to, so it just ... gets 56 or so useless emails until I remember to go and delete everything again. ^_^; ::adds more people to her friends list:: I need to update my memories-thingie ...

Ohohoho! The forwarding thing really does work! ::cackles:: Too bad my paid account is going to expire next month. Why give folks an email that's just going to go bad sooner than later? >.>;

New userpic. It made a crappy oekaki, but a fairly decent icon. ^_^ Sharpening it did wonders. o.o; I may have another LJ look soon ... or perhaps not ... I can't decide whether I'd rather use the idea I had for this LJ or for meiel, my sadly neglected collective (at least I remembered the other day to actually update the info on there. o_O;). ^^; For the curious, I'll give you a hint that'll make you wonder just how sane I am - it's to do with my former habit of collecting paint chips. ^_^;;;;;

On a whim this evening, I worked on my "cosplay site" ... although I really should work on the costumes more than the site. o_O; I think I have my priorities mixed because I am more comfortable with HTML than needles and thread ... in addition, I've always found that starting any major project with any material is a problem for me. ^_^ I have lots of good ideas, but they're all good ideas in theory only. ^^; At least if I somehow screw up while uploading pages, it doesn't cost me money! x_x;

In any case, my poor Cheezitmaiden is getting a new life (or will be, one of these days). ^_^ Now, I just need to figure out what to do with Mystorion (again). Since Eccentrix had a massive error somewhere along the line and deleted every users' sites, I think everything is taken care of now. ^^; The important things have moved or are in progress, and the rest I've either forgotten the password for or have had deleted because of my inactivity (or, the first leading to the second).

I should update Hammerspace ... but now the doodles that I haven't scanned have become dated, in the sense that they no longer have the meaning to me that they used to. ^_^;; They probably all stink royally anyway (for example, I'll get tired of properly shading in a doodle and just leave it blank, claiming that I plan on "CGing it one of these days," resulting in a crappy picture). ^_^ I did do a tiny doodle that I will probably turn into an icon soon, though ... it's kind of a sequel to A Talk With Time. "Don't give me that 'communications' crap! I tried to talk with you, Time, but you never listened! Either you were too damn busy to listen to me and just flashed by in a blur, or you were so slow it was like you weren't even there. So don't give me that!"

I have resolved to almost totally wipe out my bookmarks. Start the school year fresh in as many different ways as possible. I saw Erik online the other day for the first time in a long while, but just as I was signing off, so I wound up not IMing him to tell him that I might be back early. -_-

There seems to be too much to do this week (although I have always cleaned faster than my mother does, most likely because I dislike cleaning). I've already spaced out on half of the things I need to do. o_O;; Maybe I'll remember them later ... I've forgotten a lot of stuff that I meant to post about too, while I was writing this entry. >.>; (Note to self - get assignment notebook or dayplanner for the 2002-2003 school year. Important - this time, use it.) The parental units are getting angry at my sitting here (remembered one thing - write a review on some anime this week) while they clean - I think I should take my leave of you folks.

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