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Old Guy: cute profile!..Hi I am Roger..37 from
[Sakaki puzzles. "I deleted the profile. What the heck's going on here?"]
Sakaki: The profile is blank ...
Old Guy: I know..I was being facetious..:)
Sakaki: Your skills in sarcasm are to be admired.
Old Guy: LOL..why thank you!

::block block block::

This is the third or the fourth time I've been IMed by men nearly 40 years of age or older. What the hell kind of service did my mother sign this screenname into? There's gotta be some reason for this influx of comparatively elderly gentlemen IMing this screenname ... neither of my other two aol screennames have ever had this problem. -_- (Well, they get lots of porno junk mail, but that's beside the point.)

I did an oekaki that I kind of like, but the main problem is that (like always) I got sick of the image before I got to the background, so I did a few scribbles with no point or purpose and called it good. <.<; Her mouth's a bit off too, but as I forgot to include a password when I uploaded it there's no retouching that can be done. lol. Part of it is a usericon now.

I'm not sure how long this icon will last, but thanks to Scott I will be able to change it in the future if I come up with another one that I like better. ^^; This oekaki is of Estelle ... I've got little to no earthly clue how she turned out looking so pleasant. o.o; Must be in part because I eventually chose not to include her Diver's Goggles, thus rendering her appearance the rating of "sane." ^^;

Ok, time to burn a bagle. I'm starving.

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