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Squee! Welcome cometeoraine. Everybody say hi!

Which Cowboy Bebop Character Are You? I'm Ein!

Dear God, I love that dog. In other news, in case I forgot to inform you or you actually cared, my quiz journal (though still up) is now defunct, so soon 'twill be behind on "the quiz scene," and it will no longer prevent Bara's friends page from ever, ever having a sorry chance in hell to load. As Bara once phrased it, "Oh my god you killed my dsl!"

So, once again my Livejournal shall sport the occasional image, but I shall only be posting a select few quizzes. ^_^ You don't have to worry about me brutally murdering your connection (I'm thinking of you, Silvermask!).

Bara, I have not yet died of a sugar-overdose. The nausea I was feeling right before you left has passed now, so I don't think I've overdosed myself on brownies or marshmallows quite yet. ^_^ (That makes me sound kind of sick, doesn't it? o_O) Don't worry about me!

Again, very little to update Tralala with. Very few serious entries because I haven't had much need for serious thought, and those sorts of posts don't seem to end out well when forced. Neither does drawing ... every time I reach for something, or think that I have finally grasped an emotion or something, it ceases to be. "If you look for it, you will not find it." If I try too hard to make my drawing strange, they simply become silly. If I try too hard to make them expressive, they simply look like shiznit. If I try too hard to oekaki, nothing gets done, and I have to quit after having wasted my time.

So, the family party was today. I think my past entries this week have made it fairly clear - we've been preparing for this for some time now. It means a lot to Paul and my mother, far more than it does me ... you see, we had meant to hold this party last year, during July ... but the day that we were going to have the party was the day that we brought Paul home from the hospital, after his quintuple bypass surgery. I think he was disappointed at the turnout ... we had nearly 50 people RSVP, but I don't think too many more than 20 showed up, and most of them were relatives.

I spent most of the time during the party "keeping watch" over the "front of the house," "making sure nobody's purses get stolen." I was really quite surprised that my mother actually left me alone there in the front yard (or on the couch inside, depending on how much shade was available outside) despite there being lots people in the house. She only asked me one or two times to come back and join everyone (which I declined, and even more surprisingly, she did not insist). I thus finished The Bonesetter's Daughter, and began The Tale of Genji ... which has already mucked me up, lol. I'm going to have to be careful when I read it, because for some reason I'm getting pretty confused as to who's talking to whom and when, although I'm only thirty or so pages into it. o_O;

Today was one of those days where I started out feeling kind of decent about myself (showers help), but it is interesting how abruptly I lost that "maybe I look okay" and felt generally unattractive and envious when presented with people near my own age. >.>

A few more random notes ...

I felt really awful the other day when I realized just how disconnected I've become from Nairohe, Fairybane, and Crakka. Fairybane doesn't even go by "Fairybane" anymore, for cripes sake ... I guess I'm just lucky that I remember both his middle name (he explained it to me once) and his art style, or else I would have never known. ._. I feel so separated from them ... ::sigh::

::adds One Piece to her anime wishlist:: Has it been licensed yet? I know nothing about it, but with that one guy's grin, I've got to see it.

I would like to move to Baltimore, or in that general viscinity of the United States. Perhaps there's a graduate art school out there somewhere? God only knows what I'd be there for ... maybe non-Western art history? Who knows.

I'm already in the process of replacing the icon I uploaded the other day. >.>;

I'm beginning to be annoyed with people who post their quiz results in community journals. One, that's got to be killer on the bandwidth for the person who made the quiz (not only do people view the community journal, but that's going to be seen on a damn lot of friends pages as well ...), and two, if I really wanted to see all the different results, I'm pretty good at guessing the appropriate urls. Three - it doesn't promote discussion.

People who complained about the wide difference in style between the RK TV series and the OAVs should watch the episodes concerning Soujirou (especially the one where you learn about his past). I can definitely see similarities there ... if you're feeling poky, I'll go pull out the DVDs and write down some specific spots for you to look at to see if you agree.

I'm becoming quite tempted to rejoin eat_at_elronds, although my LoTR obsession has mostly calmed down now. ^_^; At least I know when to stop trying to convince my family that the DVD is worth watching ...

I'm just kind of aimlessly wandering around LJ right now (in about five different windows ...). I'll probably check out the Prontera Parish boards and head off to bed ... or watch LoTR again. Or something. Actually, I think I have it paused right now because I have a tendency to wander off, leave it running, and come back to find the DVD menu up with no clue how long it's been there. I'm worried it'll burn into the screen somehow. >.>

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