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I really, really want to go to more than one con per year. OhayoCon came too close to when I realized it existed to be a viable possibility - convincing roommates and friends to go to share rooming fees takes up time, you know. And I have to admit, that as much as I love A-Cen, too many people decide not to come to the con that's pretty much in the middle of the country, rather they say "meet me out here on the coast!"

Point blank, I want to go to either AX or Otakon. AX, being held in California, is like a meeting central area for both AGV and AB ... oh, all the people I could meet face-to-face! Otakon, being held in Baltimore, must be defeated by attendance because I was in Baltimore one year right when Otakon was going on, and I couldn't attend. Damn you, NYLC! There were cosplayers walking around where we were eating and here I was, stuck in professional attire, bored out of my mind. -_-;

Ugh, I don't know. Going to either AX or Otakon is looking rather on the hopeless side at this point. ^_^; My planning skills aren't my greatest strength, although this would be a good test for such ... but my funding capabilities are minute at best. My parents are already helping me get out to A-Cen, asking them to aid me get to a con less than three months later cannot be done. Anybody wanna smuggle me out there in their suitcase?

I used to advocate UPS as a travel method of choice, but then I realized that if the cost of your package depends on weight, then you might as well fly.

Maybe I should just give up on those two cons for the time being, and start planning now for next year ... and instead, save up some money for more immediate purposes, like getting a domain name. Man, I really want one of those. I've finally figured out one that I love the sound of (and that doesn't sound like a Pokemon, for Mag's sake and my patience), but I worry that with LoTR being so popular, some jerk might register it before I do. T_T

Nairohe's being kind enough to offer me hosting ... I think I'm going to move .:!Brainfuzz!:., and then make a whole new personal-ish kind of site ... moving my fanfics (what exists thereof), and any Mystorion content I might come up with - reviews, etc. Basically, a site about me, my writing, and links to all my other sites. I've decided that ADKOE404's not worth moving ... not only is Nair a great artist, but she's going to be hosting Fairybane too ... heh, I simply can't compare, on that regard, and I'd rather not try. ^_^;

This is one of the reasons why the December update for .:!Brainfuzz!:. is so late, it doesn't really deserve to be the December update anymore. Silvermask, please finish the alphabetizing, I would really appreciate it. Speaking of .:!Brainfuzz!:., here's the new planned Project, Project Up a Bit Too Late. What do you folks think?

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