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Now, if you link a Geocities html file from a non-Geocities page, you are taken to a page with a large ad, and a link to the actual page. I frankly don't really care whether or not "Geocities is an advertising-supported service" or whatever ... that's just getting obnoxious and pushy, which makes me less open to ads (and, may I add, because they are usually totally unrelated to me, I am already 99% put off by the appearance).

I'm even more annoyed because once upon a long time ago, Geocities was actually pretty damn good about the way they treated ads, and I could recommend them wholeheartedly. But they're becoming like everyone else now, and I'm afraid that soon Geocities will pull a Crosswinds ... ::shudders:: Crosswinds was awful. Oh yes, go back on every promise you made, become slow, delete my entire site. Crosswinds email was the bane of my existence for the longest time until I gave up on it.

I'm really glad my stuff's moved off of Geocities. -_- I still won't call them "Geoshitties" or anything like that, because they were good while I was there, but ... still. Dammit. ::mutter mutter mutter::

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