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So here I am, at work. I'm taking a break from cleaning, as both my mother and the boss have gone to out lunch, and someone has to babysit the phones ... but I'm not complaining. It's a lot cooler in here than in the office next door that I've been cleaning/organizing (there's air conditioning and I haven't been running the vacuum cleaner like a madwoman). Plus, I can go and lose my way through a lot of Solitare, at least until they get back.

Did you know that mice really do come out of the little holes in the walls, it isn't just a cartoon thing? Earlier today I was lifting some boxes with coffee mugs from the 1995 Nutcracker (apparently they didn't sell well), and lo and behold, when I removed the final box from its resting place on the floor, there it was. I was fairly surprised to see a little round-arc shaped hole behind the trim, exactly the shape that you see in the Looney Toons. I haven't seen actual mice yet, but I have seen evidence for their existence - lots of mice/rat poison, and also lots of the remnants of mice doing their business just about everywhere.

Only once or twice have I found a room which actually looks better when I vacuum it. This is one of them. I'm also finding things like random bits of masking/packing tape which have gotten ripped off boxes, and which have turned from box binding into bug graveyards. Many young cockroaches have met their doom by stepping onto the tape ... and I know that they were young, because cockroaches here come in much, much larger sizes.

My dad is taking me school shopping tonight, after work. Wish me luck in obtaining my art supplies and such, the man hates shopping with a passive passion and hates spending money even more. >.>

School looms ever nearer ... one of these days, I need to go check my schedule, and make sure that they gave me all the classes that I needed. I need to register too ... and call Residence Life ...

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