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I just noticed last night that Hammerspace has gotten over 2,000 hits. I'm pretty surprised and fairly pleased with that, as I haven't really updated regularly, have not been that much of an attraction to begin with, hits have been going down quite drastically since April, and I haven't looked for ways to connect Hammerspace with other sites recently. Most Hammerspace visitors use a resolution higher than mine. Dammit. >.>;

I need to pack up my computer and other electronics tonight. I also need to condense the things that are floating free, so to speak, like my bathrobe, so that they do not get used for padding and/or get ruined. I need to remember to take my jeans. I must fold laundry today. Must remember to take the things out of the washer and put them into the dryer, and then put more things into the washer to clean. Must paint letters. I'm sure there's something else that I'm forgetting here, but I'm sure somebody will remind me if it is necessary enough. Oh yeah, I'm going back to school tomorrow morning. lol.

I was going to relate a dream that I had the other night, but I've forgotten a good deal of it ... I did manage to successfully drive, though, and I helped save everybody from the fire that was consuming the campground. ::hero pose:: lol.

I've actually zoned on a great deal of what I meant to type up this afternoon. I got my hair cut. So has Erik, reportedly. I hope he didn't get too much of it chopped off. T_T Erik had really cool, thick, shiny long hair ... basically the kind that girls want to have themselves, but will accept on a guy as long as they can play with it. lol. He's also done something regarding shaving off his goatee, so he probably no longer looks like Jesus.

My computer's new habit of putting itself to sleep after a little while is irritating me. I've tried to set the power-stuffages to "Never," but that hasn't seemed to work. Ah well. It was more of a problem with the Marquee screensaver than the Flying Through Space one, for some reason.

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