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I was being quite productive.

I managed to make great strides in the next .:!Brainfuzz!:. Project ... for the new Project, I had created the Updates page, the Links page, the Members page, all main subpages (anime:manga, doujinshi, video game), completed the video game page, and am on page six of the sub-sub pages for anime/manga icons (we have nearly 550 icons last I counted, which I'll need to do again when I finish, as some icons are getting deleted for duplicate images and so on).

And what does Geocities do? "The web site you are trying to access has exceeded its allocated data transfer." So I'm effectively shut down for the next hour, at least. -_-; I suppose I should be glad that Geocities doesn't take me down until the first of next month, like the host for does. o_o; I'd kill. Or I'd die. Maybe even both.

You're Edward Scissorhands!
[test has since been deleted]

You're Tori Amos!
The Faery Queen
[test has since been deleted]

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