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Sakaki: Well, that's it.
Mag: you're dead? :p
Sakaki: I have about five minutes left, I'm stuck in a battle, and I've gotta go back and get that Jesse idiot because Lord knows, he can't walk back on his own without Cloud or Barrett holding his hand, and for God's sake, Cloud can't open doors.
Mag: ..... she.
Sakaki: Jessie is a she. :p
Sakaki: Oh. You can't really tell, you know. lol
Sakaki: Actually, I'm stuck.
Mag: Stuck where?
Sakaki: I can't get back through the door to go get Jesse, and the other idiot won't open the frickin' door because "Jesse hasn't come back up yet!" So I guess I just wait for death and try again. lol
Mag: I think it's' possible to get back. But I don't know. I always saved Jesse. ^^;.
Sakaki: ::laughs::
Mag: Hahah, what? :p
Sakaki: Well, I wasn't under the impression that she needed saving, anyway.
Mag: Did you manage to get her? :p
Sakaki: Sakaki - Huh, so that's how you open the friggin' door. Ok, Cloud has learned how to open doors now!
Timer - 10 ... 9 ... 8 ...
Sakaki - KYAH! ::desperately searches through Cloud's pockets for Nayru's Love:: Nooo!
::place explodes::
Sakaki: In other news, I'm out of Pop Tarts.
Sakaki: I've figured out one reason why I keep getting beat up like hell in battle!
Sakaki: I press the wrong buttons. ^^;

Random Comments -
::cracks up:: Hey, while you men are doing your victory pose, I'm losing time! Hurry yourselves up!

LOL. Cloud can see the little finger floating above his head. "Finger!? What the hell?" And the finger thinks he has a shiny little head. LOL. "Geez, you stand out even more than I do," says Cloud, master of the obvious, the shrug, and caring about nothing.

Everything's going as planned, Barrett? You sure didn't seem to be expecting that ID situation on the train! o_O Sure, jumping out of a moving train is a good, thought-out way to deal with things.

Even though Aeris is quite clearly meant to be everybody's favorite pink healer, I'm going to try to make Barrett my party healer. XDXD

Some guide you are, Aeris. o.O;

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