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Well, well.

I spent a good deal of the day packing and unplugging and doing laundry, all the latter of which is not yet complete, and will most likely never be so. It must say something about my character that I left school with dirty laundry, and I return with much the same. Maybe a bit less in amount (jeans, blues, and non-dryable whites got done), but ... still ...

I finally got one of those little personal CD players today. I had one many years ago (nearly four, now?), but I rarely used it and then one day it inexplicably broke. This new one is red, which is nice ... silver buttons, which is great. Reminds me of when I was little, I wanted a red Easter dress (I was sick of pastels) and a silver necklace, lol. Anyway, you know what? They really don't need to give me instruction manuals on how to operate these items; rather they need to give me instructions on how to get through the damn packaging. Cripes, it was difficult. >.>;

Hmm ... hmm ... well, crud, I don't really remember what I was going to say after that. -_-;;

[edit] Oh yeah, now I remember. I'm going back to school, so don't plan on seeing me until Sunday afternoon/evening, or maybe Monday, depending on the Internet connection, the status of my computer after five hours of disassembled travel, and so on. ^_^

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