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I slept better last night than I have since I've gotten to school, waking up only once sometime early this morning before finally getting up for good at ten. I had a very, very long, complicated dream as well, but I no longer remember a good deal of it. Vash the Stampede played a minor role in it again ... I believe his head (and his head only) was stuck in a folding Titanic deck chair, along with a naked woman. o_O;

A lot of my dream involved the very difficult journey of "getting back" to somewhere, probably school or something ... throughout the entire thing, whenever I wanted to shout at someone (usually my father, who had apparently pissed the hell out of me in my dream), my voice was rusty raspy and muted, and they could not hear me. For the most part, it was pouring rain, absolutely pouring. I remember being incredibly irritated at the stupidity of his packing methods, which somehow, for some reason, involved filling all the cardboard boxes with cement, which of course took a whole hell of a lot longer, and prevented you from putting much else in there. I remember trying to yell at him, and then my mother, I, some guy, and some little girls tightly packed a car with what we could and then drove on without him. We then had a lot of "adventures," although I don't think they were "adventures" in a positive sense.

Another part of my dream involved a situation which was kind of like a "Red Alert" in my old highschool, that is if a "Red Alert" was announced, you had to run into the nearest room and lock all the doors. A lot of this dream involved not wanting to be seen, and a guy having to teach me how to turn this knob in order to vanish, but it wore off after awhile and since I was new I couldn't cast it again. He kept on telling me not to panic, that maybe I was a newbie but hell he had been to several Star Trek conventions which were all a hell of a lot more dangerous than this, and other stuff. He smoked too, and I remember turning my head to avoid the smell.

There was so much more, but I can't recall much more of it. o_o

Folks replacing their icons reminded me about a doodle I had wanted to finish for one, and thusly a new usericon has been made, replacing the one of Estelle that was just driving me nuts. This one has things in it that drive me nuts too, but slightly less so than the one of Estelle. This time around, I included a narrow, one-pixel border to give the icon a more "finished" look on a white or light background color, which I've been wanting to do for awhile. The darker icons look fine without a border, but the lighter ones need a bit of help standing out.

The doodle that I remembered and worked on for awhile is this one, although I don't know if I'm ever going to finish it. There are some things that I like about it, and like I said, there are some things that are bugging me about it. Also, although it's close to how I envisioned my character Athalie in one of her outfits, it's just "not quite." I don't have the skills to draw her as I see her in my mind yet. >.>; In order to draw what I have thought up, I think I'd have to be nearer to Jey Kama's level. (Look at his great in-progress work of Chii!)

I really need to do more classwork. The time I spent on Athalie would have been better used for any number of my drawing assignments, but you know me ... I procrastinate! Because I was bugged numerous times (enough over the week that I kind of got antsy before walking to the cafeteria by the path they sat at) by the organization MUCC to attend their band-bash (complete with free hotdogs) "Bouncefest," I'm going to go for at least a little while. Probably not for too long though, as my patience for people is still rather thin.

I'm thirsty again ... it returns!

That's one thing that bothered me when I was reading all your supportive comments on my last entry ... I don't know why seeing the comments on the "pop culture clones" brought this up to me, but something in my head and heart keeps on hoping that it's impossible for so many people to be so ... stupid. I want to hope that my roommate is hiding some interesting, complex side, want to believe that a pre-med major isn't just another one of "the masses."

And Shippo ... how do you know I'm not ugly? o_O

I ran into the girl that I mentioned in this entry again, and again, absolutely no indication whatsoever that she disliked me. She was all smiles and "hi, how are you"s. Why is this bothering me? I can't quite put my finger on it.

I contacted my boss again with my schedule, and suggested working from 3-5 on weekdays, which would give me the ten hours she needs. She, however, wants me there for larger blocks of time, and has suggested 1-5 on Mondays, 1-5 on Wednesdays, and 3-5 on Thursdays. I don't really know what to do. I wanted to work there fewer hours each day, because the longer that I am there for each individual stretch, the more bored I become, and the more I hate the job, the goals, and the entire damn building in which I work. The longer that I am there one day, the less likely I am to want to come back the next. But that's not something I can say to her. -_-

I'm annoyed that I can't seem to get one of two co-presidents of my club to respond to any of my emails or messages. Hello? Excuse me? Anybody home? We need to get started working on things ASAP!

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