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For the past couple of days, and with little exception (sometimes I've felt lonely, worried, or frustrated), I've actually felt pretty damn good. Partly peaceful, partly happy, and ... well ... perfectly peachy. Actually perfectly peachy.

Tonight was a rather interesting, if mundane, evening. Miscommunication ran rampant. John was supposed to meet me at six so that we could walk over to Beth's off-campus residence (no way in hell I'm walking through this part of the city alone at night) for an exec meeting, but when I realized that he was late, I called his room. His roommate told me that he had already left the room, so I ran down to the atrium-like area to wait for him, thinking that he'd walk right on over.

And so I waited ... and waited.

Fifteen/twenty minutes later, I thought I'd go back up to my room and grab a couple of phone numbers and make some inquiries. As I opened the door, guess what? I walked in on my roommate and her boyfriend in the process of seriously getting a step or two (probably more) beyond the "making out" phase, with articles of clothing definitely missing.

I wasn't really bothered by it. This has happened before (remember, Sarah?). (Speaking of Brandon, kick 'im in the shins, Sarah. o_O Hard.) I was, if anything, mostly amused by the fact that my timing is just so ... bad. lol. Basically all I said was "Am I interrupting anything? Sorry for interrupting! Eheh. I'm just going to get this phone number here ::rips number out of paper:: and I'll go lock the door," and then I left. I think she was more upset about it than I was.

I borrowed the phone of the girl across the hall and I called where John should be, but nobody responded. So I waited, and waited ... I drew an elementary school teacher, for no reason at all ... and at about seven, got tired of waiting (was getting bitten by mosquitoes ... >.<), and called where John should've been again. They picked up that time and we worked things out, and I wound up going to watch a movie with Sarah G. et. al.

i'm a cube!

find out which origami you are

Who is Bob, you ask? To find out the story of creation behind Bob the Dinosaur, click here and read the top entry. Sad to say that Bob is no longer with me ... he's pinned in a sacrificial/biology frog-like position on my final project from last semester.

I'm quite tired at the moment for some reason ... I'm going to be a busy girl tomorrow and early next week. I've got a lot of drawing and other assignments to do ... I would've gotten more of it all done today, but the fact that I didn't know Illustrator at all when I started on my project requiring its use kind of slowed me down. No biggie, the twenty thumbnails aren't due until Monday, and now I've already got five done. XD

I finally figured out how much is in my bank account, and purchased my final textbook today. I remembered to buy more charcoal pencils. I also bought (on whim) a smaller-sized sketchbook for carting around, although I don't know how frequently I'll be using it. I am amused by its size. 9.5x6 seems really tiny after my huge drawing pads for class, hehe.

This is strange. I feel fine. I haven't felt this good for this many days consecutively in a long time.

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