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It seems as though we are still hesitant to move forward, move on. We feel obligated to remark about the "anniversary" today, and write our opinions and comments down. This is all well and good to a certain extent, but after this ... I don't want to be "hesitant" to do something or feel obligated to (not) do something on any day because I am afraid of offending someone.

It's a beautiful day outside, and I am alive.

Only one man sat inside the fine art building's auditorium, watching CNN.

In just three days, Jenny and Dan will have been married for a year.

My journal is officially a year old now, having been created five seconds from three o'clock on September 11th. I suppose the natural thing to do, considering that it is the anniversary of the World Trade Centers falling and of the creation of my journal, is to look back and repost what was posted "on that day." But truth be told, I'm a far cry from who I was last year. I may believe in many of the same things, but as an individual, I have changed. I'm a lot happier now. The optimist within me may get beaten down an awful lot by different things (rendering me a cynic ... as Fairybane once pointed out, disappointed optimism is a requirement for cynicism), but it's always going to be there. Right now, it's doing fine. We're not all idiots. Things will work out.

I'm feeling a lot better physically today than I was yesterday (yesterday was quite a varied day, with strange events like being totally exhausted by the simple act of climbing up the stairs to the third floor, and being given a little green New Testament Bible by some insistently smiling, elderly gentlemen). After I woke up and got out of the shower, I was hit with an absolutely god-awful episode of excruciating cramps and intense nausea. It hasn't been this bad for awhile, and as a result I was practically falling over my own two feet in pain and dizziness. It took me a long time to brush my teeth, mostly because the smell of the mint made me feel like retching (I don't like mint even when I'm well, but I have to put up with it in the toothpaste department). After spending some time lying down on my bed as the muscles in my abdomen and lower back tried to work their way up to my neck to strangle me, I gave up and called my mother, seeking her wisdom (it used to hurt this bad for her too). I was nearly in tears, because I felt like shit but also felt that I had to attend class, no matter how bad I felt. "Go to Health Services and see if they can give you something" was her verdict.

And thus began the adventure! Clothed in only a bathrobe (I felt so awful, and found it very difficult to stand up straight for even a brief period of time, so getting dressed wasn't possible), forgetting my shoes (never again!! eww eww eww), my phone card (oh well, I'm 19. I can sign my own life away now, thanks), but fortunately remembering my keys, I staggered/tripped down three floors-worth of stairs and across to the next dorm, to HealthServices.

Receptionist - What's your name?
Sakaki - ::gags and grasps the countertop, whispers:: I need help ...

They had me sit down in the reception area to wait for the nurse to finish whatever it was she was doing, but then I vomited up everything in my stomach right there on the floor in front of me, so that seemed to have given my case a little more urgency.

Apparently, they are required to ask whether or not you are pregnant. It makes sense, certainly, but considering my very single, very geeky status, it amuses me to death. Basically, my response to that question was "not unless I'm the next Virgin Mary ... o_O" The nurses seemed to find that amusing.

After a little discussion on the possible use of birth control to minimize my insane cramps so I could "take my life back," they gave me some sort of shot, and afterwards I spent the day on that and dosed up on really high amounts of ibuprofen. @_o The entire episode kind of screwed up my morning schedule.

Seeking inspiration for a couple of art projects due tomorrow (that, and being unable to go complete some drawing assignments as the room I needed was in use at the time), I wandered around and eventually found my way into the "museum" on campus. There are a couple of pretty impressive kimono (dating to 1940) in the university's collection. Both have strong, vibrant colors, and themes with birds (peacocks, maple leaves, and some sort of red-orange vined flower on one, the other is decorated with what may possibly be phoenixes). Both are hand-embroidered, absolutely covered in the stitching ... ivory, reds, gilt, silver, bronze, black, blues, gray ... both were fully lined in red. Unfortunately there is some water damage on one of the robes (the roof of that building is apparently in worse condition than I had thought), and I am doubtful as to whether the climate of the room is suitable for preservation ... but they're in pretty good shape. A trained eye may see them differently, but to my eye, they were beautiful pieces of work.

I almost wish that kimono would be displayed as they are worn, rather than as motionless and flat, mounted on a wall. I also am curious as to how these kimono were made and obtained, but no information on the subject was available there. I will have to research on my own.

Figure Drawing still scares me a bit, but I think that I improve a little by little with each class I attend. I don't think I really got the hang of ink and brush last class period, but after awhile I did feel more comfortable working with it. My brush looks terrible already. ._.; I also broke three oil pastels on Tuesday ... I'm so rough with my materials. ^_^;;
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