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I'm wasting time.

I figure, at seven, I'll start again. Or probably at least fifteen minutes later, given my procrastination habits ... or something. That patch of cement on the floor there looks like India ... and that must be Taiwan over there ... there's Russia ... I can see many of the islands of the Pacific ... the filing cabinet comes to be before North America takes form, though. ::smacks forehead against desk::

IE for the Mac is shiny, but it kind of annoys me for some random reason. Freak and Mother are not really kindling a good relationship with me here ... both of them have little spaz attacks where the screen flashes blank for a second and then comes back. Freak can't handle running IE, Pagemaker, and Groupwise all at the same time. Moouack, on the other hand, who is probably a teensy-weensy bit older, can take IE, Photoshop, Groupwise, AIM, Irfanview, and assorted other bits of randomness all at one time. I really do appreciate Moouack's general hardiness. Considering my ineptness, he really is a tough computer!

Neither Freak nor Mother can get onto the H drive, so I can't copy/paste some articles over into the tobeplaced folder, which is problematic. Apparently we suddenly lack appropriate authorization ... perhaps the fileserver Jupiter is still down? Grr. Pain in the ... narf. I will finish this entry and log off, so that I may restart and see if that works miracles.

Sho, I'm sorry I had to vanish so suddenly while I was speaking with you ... I abruptly realized that if I did not leave right then and there, I would be late for a student art show ... and then late for dinner ... and, well, now I'm here for the rest of the evening. I'm finding things that indicate several of these articles are really gloriously undone. For example, "These concerns included: [see issue in May]". Charming, Sir Writer, really. The thing that stinks about being the end of the process if that if somebody ahead of you in the line screws up their deadline, yours is most assuredly mucked up as well.

God, my journal looks really whacked out in this resolution with this huge monitor. I'll have to fix that ... someday ...


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