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Killer Vans and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

... mostly because my favorite "color" is violet/purple/whatever you wish to name it.

My inner Goddess color is Violet!
© What's your Inner Goddess Color?? © Jen

VIOLET represents the seventh and highest quality a person attains
- noble spiritual aspiration.
Its planet is Jupiter, rules the metal tin and the jewel Sapphire.
In its medical action it approaches the realm of ultraviolet.
It cools the nerves, is magnetic and antiseptic.
Purple and violet speak of honor,
spirituality and self-esteem.

And in other news:
After having gone to bed at 1:30 a.m. due to the paper, I woke up this morning at 6:00 a.m., and arrived at the paper office at 8:00. I got back to my room around 5:00 p.m., and I will return to the office in about an hour. Suffice it to say that I've really shifted my schedule around for this paper ... but it irritates me to high heaven now!

Because nothing on campus is open that early on a Saturday, I made some Easy Mac for breakfast and ate as I walked over to the office. Around 10:30 I got really hungry (and wanted breakfast, you know?), so I decided to walk over to the cafeteria. Sadly they did not open until 11:00, which was when the other editors were supposed to meet me. I walked around campus for awhile, searching in vain for Poptarts in any of the vending machines ... and eventually went back to the office empty-handed.

As I mentioned, the other editors were supposed to show up at 11:00 a.m. to do some copy editing/tell me what headlines they want (I'm assuming I can't leave "AAH! Killer vans are coming to get me! Head for the hills!!!" on the front page)/give me more articles/etc. And so I waited, and I waited. And nobody came for the longest time ... and only two of them finally showed up. "Oh, we're really sorry, we overslept" is their excuse, which frankly annoys me. >.>; Less than five hours of sleep does not cut it for me, but I was up at six and ready to go anyway.

The fact that they showed up so late, and the fact that so many things are still undone, and the fact that nobody told me a damn thing about the ads when I really needed to know for layout purposes, and the fact that hell, hardly anyone came when they were supposed to! frustrates me because when I set a date, I am there. When other people give me a meeting time, I am there at least ten minutes early. If I am waiting for you ... if I have been waiting for you for three hours ... you'd better give me a call. It's only polite. Even if you're late because you'd rather finish the article and come with it done than show up with it unfinished and work on it here ... I appreciate the sentiment, but I'd rather know where the hell you are and when you truthfully plan on getting here, so I can plan my day accordingly. I could've eaten a meal today, dammit! Shiznit. Why do I bother showing up early to do my job better if nobody else does?

I'm so irritated that the articles aren't done ... and when one of the senior editors told me "not to worry" about them, because they "take care of themselves," it felt almost like an insult. Not worry? Anyone who places an article has the potential to screw it up, and who's going to get blamed for it if the mistake makes it to print? Me! It's my job! I'm worried about the quality of this paper both visually and otherwise because dammit, that's my job. I'm annoyed because the articles shouldn't have to take care of themselves at this point, they should be done. No more editing and making me replace it. No more of this not having any article at all. I realize that some stories are dependent upon information that may not arrive until a later date, but it really annoys me that others aren't making their deadlines. When they screw up their deadlines, they screw up my deadlines. I'm pushed up against time, which is as irritating as hell to me. Because of the way the flow is scheduled, I don't have time to screw up.

I'm fairly annoyed that they can't let my predecessor go. People! I know that she doesn't mind us calling her every day, but how about this - instead of calling her whenever something goes wrong, why don't we try to figure it out on our own, so that we become more independent? No, I'm not your Dec Office Goddess like she is/was, but I'm pretty damn proficient with all the programs necessary for your paper, and we are all blessed with brains and an Academic Tech office on campus.


... I gotta go back to the office now. ._.

Oh, I'm paid $50 an issue. Is this good?

Anyone have an mp3 of Toki Ni Ai Wa, or Stairway to Heaven? I realized that I have an mpeg thingie of Toki Ni Ai Wa, but since I uninstalled Realplayer in a fit of fury, the mpegythingie is useless. ^_^; [Edit - don't worry about Toki Ni Ai Wa, for Ryn sent me a copy. Thanks muchly!]

There's a guy who likes me ... and I mean really likes me, even I can tell. I don't know what to do ... I'd like the opportunity to remain open, but I just can't take him up on it right now or in the near immediate future. I've got way too much going on emotionally and school-wise right now ... I wouldn't be able to give him the time a decent relationship needs. He's got mesh shirts (I couldn't get "you'd look cute in that" out of my mouth, and a raised eyebrow happened instead ... dammit!) and is quiet and nice, but he also has some problems that I don't know if I can deal with right now ... things that I would love to help him with, but just don't know how ... grar, I don't know! People who've had relationships before, please help? ._.

It's been so long since anybody's actually touched me at all, and he's playful and gentle about bugging me.

Dammit, my roommate's second fish is dying again, and this time it's during while I'm responsible (I did say that I wasn't going to feed it, but what am I supposed to do when she leaves a note on my desk and is gone before I can say anything?). -_- I really don't feel confident enough in my fish-caring capabilities do to the entire procedure you suggested, Sarah. @_o; Don't die, dude.

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