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I hate the way dead beta fish float. Vertical fish corpses are just ... not my style.

Yes, the second fish died, because there is no oxygen circulating in the vase (even a fish needs to breathe something). Sure, it looks nice (although it could do without the "ARDOR" painted on it in red nailpolish) and all that, but it isn't a very healthy environment for a fish. Basically, it was alive this morning when I left for the paper office, but upon arrival back home around three, the thing was definitely dead (it's got this fuzzy white thin coating all around it ... like it's molding).

The thing that bothers me about Kingdom Hearts is how out of context everything is. Sephiroth and Goofy present in the same game ...? Do you know how this messes with my mind? Still ... since I don't have a PS2 ... I'll be somewhat insulated from the actual American release ... and if we consider it just one hell of a mucked up alternate univerise, it shouldn't topple any of my theories! Ooh, I just had a thought. Can you attack your own party members in Kingdom Hearts ...? Ohoho, Disney's going down. XD Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to fight we go, so let's summon Bambi. (I admit that I'd be seriously amused if Bambi did major damage.)

Remember the article I mentioned in a past few entries by Sir Writer which still isn't done (if you don't, just play along with me, I won't know any better) ...? Well, he came in this afternoon (after having gone home last night, and being gone all morning), and when I asked him if the information that he needed for the article had come in yet, he said that it had been there all along! Well, grr, you dork. -_-;; Apparently he's had it since his deadline! And yet he hasn't done a damn thing. I was really, really surprised and annoyed when he said that he hadn't done anything because they were doing their copy editing ... bullshit. You could've come in before, you could've stayed after. You could've come in randomly (hell, I'm clearly there all the time), and I would've been more than happy to let you have the computer, because even I need a break. You could've typed it in your own room or in the computer lab and saved it to the H Drive, and have told me. There were a variety of options available to you, but you did not take up any of them. Grr. Grr.

Apparently part of our problems this time around, especially with ads and the like, are all because our former Production Editor is the Production Editor no more (I am), and she took care of everything. ::shakes hands wildly:: Let her go, people! She should not be at our beck and call, even if she still lives in town! Let's get to a point where we can do it by ourselves!!

Two people have said that they appreciate my efforts, and the advisor told me that she was really surprised and happy that I had gotten so far on the layout with so little and so soon, and I'm glad that they have. I feel like the rest are just kind of taking me for granted. I got told to go ahead and take a break earlier today, because they had some sort of "editorial meeting," which apparently must be about matters that I cannot be trusted with. I felt rather insulted and left out ... last I checked, I was part of the editorial board. But I left anyway, because cripes ... I'd been there since eight a.m.

If I do get paid for each issue I produce ... then I just have to remember ... one issue will get me con admission for a weekend. Two will pay for my share of a hotel room. If I don't get paid ... so that later I may do the things I want to do ... then this isn't worth it. This job is very emotionally exhausting and time consuming, and ... well, I like feeling good about life better than I like feeling angry and being busy as hell while not getting something back for it.

Toe socks rock, but sadly they must have "gone out of style," for I can no longer find any. ._. So my collection is dwindling as I wear the ones that I do possess out.

It's time to prioritize my homework. Tonight my thumbnails for my restaurant menu must get done. Tomorrow afternoon I must complete my essay for my Film class. Tomorrow night I must do a boatload of drawing for Design Orientation (color block project and egg project). Tuesday afternoon I must research into this African mask I was assigned for non-Western Art History. Tuesday/Wednesday are drawing nights for my Thursday class homework. And ... actually, I think I'm missing some stuff. I'm not including readings and several assignments, methinks ... I'm going to have to look those up.

Why is it that I can type all this crud but I can't seem to write it in an actual paper journal? ._.

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