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Nishi, this song is awesome! XD God, it makes me wish that I could play piano/sing again. I remember I couldn't attend any choir performances for about a year after I quit choir, and even after that they were rather painful ... I wanted to be up there, in that musical harmony, not passive in the audience. I didn't want to see how they were continuing to fall apart.

But ... I did end my choir career on a high note (no pun intended) ... All State Choir was the choir of my dreams, and I loved it. How could I go back to the less than satisfactory daily reality after that?

I just remembered - my father moved out of the house when I was gone for All State Choir, since my mother thought it would be less stressful if I didn't see him leave. (Oh, and this was several years ago ... please do not try to console me or comfort me on the subject of my parents' divorce ... I was fine then, and I'm fine now. o_O; It seems like every time someone gets divorced, other people assume that the child(ren) automatically think "oh, it's all my fault they're breaking up," which frankly never crossed my mind. ^_^;;)

I have money that my father gave me for books left over. I am trying to decide between saving it for a con, using it to buy a domain name/hosting, or buying a set of Prismacolor Markers. I'm leaning towards the Prismacolor markers, given my increase in art classes, and my resulting increase in experimenting with different media. Although I'd like my own domain ... I've got two wonderful hostesses and a brotherly host (::poke::), and I don't want to leave them. ^^;

(FYI, I use this screenname infrequently at best.)

Thingiemabobber: Greetings! Guess who.
Psycho Enishi: Sakaki?
Thingiemabobber: ... dammit!
Psycho Enishi: Hahaha!
Thingiemabobber: I even changed my font and everything this time. -_-
Psycho Enishi: Well, you almost won. I doubted myself for just a little bit... Cause of the strange font.
Thingiemabobber: Darnit! Ok, next time I get a new screenname I'll go for something like ... yellow Comic Sans on a bright blue background.
Psycho Enishi: lol Ew!
Thingiemabobber: XD But now I can't use that because I just told you. Dammit.
Psycho Enishi: Exactly. What I was about to say too. XD
Thingiemabobber: I'll get you someday! ::shakes fist::
Psycho Enishi: ::feels SMRT::
Psycho Enishi: Oh damn...

Let's see ... one thing that I definitely don't like about doing the production editing for the paper is that it pushes my own schedule back ... although I am prioritizing my homework now (apparently a positive thing), I'm still prioritizing it to be done at the last possible minute, as all times before that are occupied by other things being completed at the last possible minute. Right now I either have no time or no energy, so things get done, but they get done in a half-assed manner. So, in summary, I feel rushed and the quality of my work is taking a definite nosedive.

I'm tired enough, and irritated enough by practically zombie-stomping through class, that I'm about to attempt to take a nap. And then I will get up and proceed to complete more homework at the last possible minute. I had really wanted to practice and stuff this week, but since my schedule has been so horribly bent into a little weird shape, that hasn't happened. How am I ever going to get better at art??

We have one hell of a kick-ass assignment in Computer Art/Design Orientation. I'd tell ya more, but I'm not allowed to. Just know that it's completely awesome, and I'm really excited about doing it. XD Damn the Dec! I need to focus more on these awesome projects!

Well, screw taking a nap. My roommate just turned on her radio loudly (despite me already playing music ...). ::annoyed:: I've never yet fallen asleep at the keyboard (class is another question), but I might have to break my record sooner or later.

I actually have enough decent stuff for a Hammerspace update (including two and a half pages consisting of drawings of one professor's nose, from many angles ... I was bored). Now if only I could find the time in which to update the site ... maybe this weekend? @_o; Nina, if you ever snag a few moments, are in a good mood, and hop online, please IM me (new IM name is in my profile) ... I have some questions for you. ^_^ Now hopefully, I'll remember what they are. ^^;

I've forgotten what else I was going to say, but I'm back to being in a good mood in general again.

[Edit - Maybe I'll go up to the fourth floor of the library and take a nap there. Or is that more effort than a nap is worth? I'd rather nap in a bed than on the floor ... hmmmm.]

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