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Ok, I'm back now. In the time that I was "gone," I finally began a real-life journal, perhaps not the next in a long line of continual failures. ^_^ The first handwritten words in it read thus:

"Concerning this book of Abiona itself, the following facts should be known. I decorated the cover of the book by hand with things that I liked in order to guilt myself into writing in it. This is also the purpose of the 'Legolas Worship Collage' on the front page. Since Legolas is curently one of two favorite Lord of the Rings characters and is much more pleasing of the two to look upon, I calculated that the 'draw' of such a page would be more potent than the usual 'keep out' stuffages you read about.

"As far as security goes, there is obviously none. No little lock and key for me to lose, no warning emblazoned on the cover. The spirit of Legolas shall not rise up to shoot the unknown intruder.

"On the surface, this book is by 'Abiona.' This is a compromise. I could not decide whether to put my real name on it in hope that it would be returned to me should it turn up missing, or whether to put no name on it at all and therefore go unassociated with the idiocy that will inevitably come to reside within. I have no doubt that my identity will be revealed sooner or later, 'but frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.'"

Ok, that's it. I really wish I had signed up for a Livejournal with the username I now have on Deadjournal ... much as my role-playing chara Abiona is based on me, she isn't quite me, you know? Now this character, on the other hand, is part shameless self-insertion type character that Mag dared me to come up with.

::cackles evilly::

Classes begin today. My first class isn't until eleven today (o_o, did I get lucky or what?), but I've been up since eight out of mostly paranoia that I'll somehow get lost. ^_^; I've located one classroom, and the other I've been assured that it is downstairs in this one particular building as I suspect it is, and as I hate wandering around without purpose and looking like I'm lost (and I always look like I'm lost, it seems), I'm not going to search ahead of time for it. Maybe I'll leave lunch a little bit early to look. >.>

I'm starting half a semester behind the rest of the people in the art program ... I'm worried that everyone will already have their materials and will be totally ready to go, and here I will be with my mechanical pencil and the small sketchpad I got for Christmas. >.>; I'm going to get ripped to shreds, my anime influence is too strong and it's not exactly approved of here. T_T

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